I need an education in scarves

Jan 19, 2009
Sydney, Australia

I've been trawling many of the scarf threads and I am being introduced to some fabulous designs.

My question is I see a scarf, head to the online shop and sometimes cannot see it. I've figured out not all scarves are on sale equally across the globe but even this I do not understand.

If there's a thread that explains all this, then lead me to it because I cannot find anything.

Thanks, pollywaffle.


Moja Angelika
Oct 23, 2011
Each store orders from Paris based on their knowledge of the taste of their local clients & some for expected/walk-in tourists, and also seasonality (summer, winter, holidays). Some stores have more tourists than locals, hence the variety and volume may be better. Hence, you'll always find that website and you local boutique likely will not have all colorways of one designs. Some colorways are distributed only to certain countries based on the local taste. It adds to the fun of the hunt ;). The website is no exceptions to this rule.
It's a H thing - sometimes you need good luck to find what you need or a very "dedicated" SA on your side to search scarves for you system-wide.


May 14, 2010
From my understanding, some scarf color combos and designs are issued in some countries and not others because sales research on colors determines what H sends out? A brief explanation of this was given at the Metiers Festival. Others can chime in to correct me... I think this is what I understood.... Other limited edition scarves are created for openings of boutiques, anniversaries of events etc. which will also be reserved for various countries or states. Sometimes at boutiques, store managers may not order certain colors. I have learned that at my store, even if they place orders for things, they may not get them. They just sell what Hermes sends.