I need an e-hug.

  1. :smile:

    seriously, I'm not one for throwing pity parties, but I just got over a bad break-up recently, only to throw myself into a situation where I let someone else really hurt me again. :cry:

    no details, but a little e-hug would do wonders at the moment.


    Oh, and this thread wasn't created specifically for me, if anyone else has something they'd like to bring up, that qualifies them for some e-hug neediness, please feel free to bring it up! This thread is for making other people smile.


    there's a free one for whomever needs it more than I do!:love:
  2. oh Dani big (((((((((((((((((((HUG!))))))))))))))))))))) for u :sad:
  3. awwww, sorry about that :sad2: .

    I hope things get much better for you. Huggggggggssssssssssssssss.
  4. Oh...............I am sorry....<HUG>
    I think everyone wants a hug when feeling alittle down, I hope my pooh bear will make you feel alittle better.
  5. >-----------------------:love:------------------------<

    Ok, that's the closest I can do to a hug... Hope you feel better soon.
  6. aww *hugs*

    you've probably heard this a gazillion times, but you are obviously better off without him!
  7. Huge hug for you....you need to discover your fabulous sassy self and only hang out with men who are worth it in the future!!!
  8. ^ ^^so cute!

    Sorry to hear about that, Dani.
    Here's big <<<<<<<<<<<:love: :love: :love: HUGS:love: :love: :love: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    for you!!!
  9. you guys are just about the sweeeetest ever.:heart:3333

    I just had some applesauce and I'm feeling much better. :smile: Thanks for making this sleepy girl smile!

  10. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<HUG from baby and me>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  11. Big, tight *hugs* to you DAni.
  12. Ain't nothing wrong with pity parties, as long as they are not daily events.
  13. BIG BIG *HUG* for you!!!
    i might need one too...siiiiiiiigh*..
    me and my boyfriend are going through some really tough times..
    Long distance sux..:cry:
  14. A big HUG to both of you!!
    Mshashmount I hope things will work out well with your boyfriend
    Dani I totally agree with blushingbaby, you're better off without him!!
  15. ::Huge Fuzzy Hug::