I need an azur bag, bad!!!! Saleya mm or Berkley?

  1. am really wanting an azur lately, should I get the Saleya mm or the berkley? I love both, just worried about the vachetta on the berkley, hope it doesnt cover the bottom. I need an azur!!! Im also thinking mini lin speedy cruise in blue. need something spring like.
  2. Saleya ....
  3. I haven't seen the Azur Berkeley in real life, but I have it ready to pick up for me. I love the look of this bag, but like you, I'm also worried about all that vachetta. I really do hope the vachetta doesn't cover the bottom or that will be a deal breaker for me. I'll have to really check it out when I pick up my bag. I am also thinking of the blue Cruise Speedy, too. So in answer to your question, get the Berkeley if you're okay with the vachetta. Good luck!!
  4. I think the Berkley has a cuter shape. The Saleya is cute too, but I like how the Berkley is more rounded. Hope that helps.
  5. The bottom on the Berkley has 4 little gold feet, so there is no vachetta on the bottom to worry. On the sides the vachetta goes up around 20-25% and there is some on the corners and the straps coming down the front of the bag
    Had no azur bags myself until i bought this one today and will be a classic for years to come
  6. Im gonna see if my store has the berkley tomarrow. Iwant a speedy though, I dont even own a single one. ahhhhhh choices.
  7. Go for the Berekley!!! It's effing cute!
  8. :tup::drool: sounds great!!!!!! No vachetta, feet, 4 little gold feet yay. lol
  9. I saw the Ebene Damier Berkeley today. I THINK I prefer the Saleya.
  10. I like the look of both- the Saleya is more elegant and the Berkeley is more sporty. The Berkeley looks like it'd be heavy in the hand IMO though.
  11. i like the Saleya MM..but if you're worried about vachetta you should go for the speedy mini lin in blue. that is awesome! I'm thinking of getting that too but thought that the colors are too similar with azur...
  12. A vote for Berkeley!
  13. Saleya MM!
  14. Berkley vote here.
  15. Here is a picture of the Berkley that I took with my camera phone in the LV store yesterday. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I was trying to sneak a pic w/o the SA noticing. :sweatdrop:

    I am trying to decide which bag to get also......Azur Saleya or Azur Berkley?????