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Sep 6, 2007
Hi everyone,

I tried to get an answer in The Glass Slipper thread but no one will answer me. Since you guys are lovers of Bottega bags, would you happen to know how Bottega shoes fit? I am a US size 9 and consistently wear 39.5 in Choos and Manolos. Since they are Italian sizing, do they run the same? Do I need a 39.5? I just bought a 39.5 in a wedge on net-a-porter and want to make sure that I didn't make a mistake. Your answers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. :smile:


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Feb 4, 2006
I think BV shoes run a little smaller, like half size. The other thing I noticed is that they ran narrow. I normally wear a 38.5 in most shoes, in BV, I wear a 39 or 39.5 depending on style (open back or closed back). Hope this helps. Good luck!
I have found that BV shoes can vary in sizing.

I wear a size 9 US and a 40 in Manolo Blahniks. I have two pairs of BV Pompei sandals both 39. The Poudre fits true to size and the Noce is cut slightly smaller( still fits just a little more snug I can tell). My Parma and Nero sandals are both 40 and could not have gone smaller. If I were to have ordered the wedge you did I would have chosen the same size as you. I hope they fit because they are gorgeous. I would love some feedback from you because I have had my eye on that style also:heart:



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Aug 26, 2006
It's so interesting how some people say they run bigger, some say smaller. Maybe the style or leather used makes a difference. I have one pair--woven ballerinas. I have a wide foot (especially in the vamp area--the widest area below the toes). My normal US size is 9 or 9.5 medium, occasionally wide. I ordered the BV's in 9.5 and couldn't even get my toes into them. The size I ended up with, and I wore them at home to stretch them a bit, is 40.5, and I fill every bit of space.

Since they are made in Italian sizing, I assume they run narrower than US sizing. Sometimes I order a couple sizes at the same time to find the correct one. It's so hard to get shoes online but some of the best styles are never available locally.


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Aug 17, 2007
I have two pairs of origami detail sandals and wear a 39. I typically wear a 38.5, but that style seemed to run small. I have a pair of loafers and they are a 38, they ran large. So, based on the comments it sounds like you should go with your regular size and exchange if the style does not fit.