I need an answer in 5 mins marc jacobs stam help help!!

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  1. sorry wish I could help ya, but don't know much about MJ authenticity.:sad:
  2. Yep--I'd buy that bag! Too bad the auction is over. I tried to reply in time but had to look up the auction to be sure. I needed to see a few more photos to verify the straps and kisslock. By the way, the seller (Durbs Girl) is on TFS. Perhaps you can email her? It's a gorgeous bag!
  3. i think that the inside should be dark blue suede, not ivory...
  4. The ivory Stam has ivory suede lining--it's actually the putty that has the gorgeous blue suede lining.
  5. thanks ladies for all your help i bought it!!! can't wait to get it!!
  6. Wa hey!! Congrats! Good buying! Please give us a report/review when u get her.. I'm a bit on the fence with the large Stams. My friend just adores it but I'm still not sure.. Oh and post pics too:smile:)
  7. Very fast action, moe!! U go girl!!! Congrats!!

    Wow....so this is the new MJ forum. Fantastic!!
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