I need an answer asap.

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  1. OK guys I make a decision to buy a Jumbo flap in white cavier but want to make sure in the nearly future Chanel will not launch any Jumbo Flap in Pink. Anyone knows about this. Pink is my favorite and if I pick the white one now and Pink will coming out. I will be very regret. Thanks a lot!!;)
  2. The spring 2008 thread said something about pink coming out for spring which I think is march.
  3. well i would buy the white now, hold onto it for a few months, see if they have pink, and try to do an even exchange????
  4. I think white is cute but pink will be more stunning especially with silver chain.
  5. White is gorgeous....pink is sweet. Buy the white first and then wait for the pink.
  6. Go for both.
  7. Get the white and add the pink when it comes out - by then you will be so in love with the white, that you will find a way to add the pink without getting rid of the white.....:smile:
  8. I say GFI on the white! (Go for it). It's a classic, and then you can add the pink at a later stage as a "cute" addition!
  9. I agree-white is a classic!U won't regret adding it to ur collection!
  10. Spring 2008 will have both pink and light pink. If you call the chanel 800 # they should be able to tell you if they will be coming in jumbo and what stores will carry them. (1-800-550-0005)
  11. if you think you'll regret it if you buy the white flap now and then pass on the pink flap when it's released. then i'd say, hold on to it for a few months 'til the pink flap is already available:yes: in that case, you'll have more time to think and consider. plus you will be able to compare them IRL once the Pink Flap is out;)
  12. :yes::yes: Normally I don't like the flap style that much but the jumbo one is very stunning. I couldn't afford to buy 2 jumbos and I don't like to have exactly same bag in 2 colour. If I could ,I would buy a J12 :supacool:!!

    I think white is my most preferable colour now but I also have a baby cabas in white. That's why I wanna make sure Pink wouldn't out anytime soon.

    Thanks a lot for all your responds.:okay:
  13. I would wait for the pink. It will be stunning.