I need ALL your opinon ASAP!!


Jan 10, 2006
I'm going to head out in about an hour to make the purchase please tell me which one i should get. keep in mind i already have the fendi spy in cognac and i have a gucci in a similar shape as the white one. but maybe ya'll think the gucci looks totally different. thanks sooo much in advance!!

p.s last two pictures are of purses i own.( i know its a pic of the honey spy i have it in cognac and the mono gucci i have in ivory straps)


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hmmh so no more spy it anyway looks a bit like an alien with a penis instead of a nose (just kidding). Go for the balenciaga that looks a bit more classic considering that you already have the gucci in a similar shape! Have fun dear and I want pics after it!!!
Hi! i like the second bag the most, though they are all beautiful. The balenciaga does not strike me as much as the others. I don't mind buying same styles i already own if i like them really a lot, if they fit so well my personality. After the second bag (i am not sure what it is- could you tell me?), i like the first the best. These white purses are gorgeous. Hope this helped! :biggrin:
You already have a spy, and the Gucci's look the same; it looks like you appreciate structured bags - I would not get the City then, you will probably find it too large and too slouchy.

Get the white spy - if you love your cognac spy then buy another in a good SS color.
1/2 hr left and it seems like the balenciaga is winning.... honestly i don't know what i would do if i get a white spy dirty i love my cognac but maybe i'll stay away from the white spy for now. do ya'll think the gucci look alike?? i've seen it in person and it think its the easiest leather to clean if i get it sirty i'll o check out the balenciaga soon i think its between the gucci and balenciaga now!! thanks oh and i'm picking up my BV ball bag today too so excited!!!
thanks aldies for the speedy responds keep them coming!!


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Def the white spy! If you can afford it, and if you are a spy lover like me, I would choose the spy. It's a gorgeous bag and I also love the contrass in the handles in white leather.