I need all your help quick!! **Kitchen question**

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  1. Hi ladies!! I have a problem and I'd really like your advice. We're buying a new house and this is a kitchen question. Our kitchen appliances are all stainless and so is the kitchen sink. So do you think I should stick with a stainless steel faucet or can I do oil rubbed bronze? My entire house except for my kitchen faucet is oil rubbed bronze, but I think stainless sink& ORB would clash. OR should I change the color sink to a different color? But what? Is it a rule that the kitchen sink should also match with the big appliances in the kitchen (Fridge, dishwasher, microwave, oven)? As of now, this is what I have: Stainless steel kitchen sink with stainless faucet. I just really love ORB and since all the other rooms in the house has it, I really wanted my kitchen faucet to have it too, but if its not going to look right then I'll just leave it the way I have it now.:noworry:
  2. It depends if the kitchen faucet is oil rubbed bronze (or any other color or material you like) would wonderfully contrast the entire kitchen. That would be nice! Sometimes overly matching them doesn't really “match”. Also it'll add an extra "you" flair to the kitchen. You know it's your kitchen, add your touches here and there. That would make it nice, pretty, and most importantly cozy for you and your family.
  3. Personally, I'd go with the stainless. My whole kitchen is stainless but nothing else in my home is. I always feel that the kitchen is a workroom, a laboratory. I hate kitchen that have paneling on the appliances -- they are machines, they should look like machines. I think your cabinets are where you put the design elements, not the equipment.

    My two cents (which also, conveniently, validates the choices I made!).
  4. So a stainless sink w/ ORB faucet wouldn't look weird??
  5. STAINLESS!!!! Trust me. Ha (you don't have to!). My house is being redone right now so I've been spending much time with the builder and the interior designers- and you want all of your appliances in the kitchen to match. We are putting in all new stainless steel in the kitchen in my house. You want it all to match in there- because it is like it's own little room!!:smile:
  6. Okay! So I'll leave things as they are now. I have dark cherry maple cabinets with stainless steel appliance, (black galaxy) granite tops, stainless steel undermount sink with the Moen Aberdeen stainless faucet:smile: I can't wait to share pics with everyone. The house should be done by May 2006!!
  7. Congratulations on the new house, how exciting! Make sure you share some pictures with us. ;)