I NEED ALL of these Louboutins!

  1. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Holy crap, I am in shoe love. Must resist the urge to splurge :shame:



  2. I love the ginham espadrilles!!!
  3. Me too! Waaahhh, I need money :crybaby: I'm obsessed with the first pair. I'm hoping Steve Madden or Aldo Shoes comes out with a less expensive version so I can get them and be done with it already :p
  4. Gingham espadrilles are so addicting to me right now. I am worried about falling on my ass or towering too high above people, but I still want them~!!

    LOL it would be nice if Aldo did a version of 1 or 2!
  5. Loving #1 and #3.
  6. I love all of these shoes!!! :love:
  7. They`re so cuuuute :love:
  8. Oh they are sooo pretty!
  9. I tried on the red gingham espadrilles. I almost toppled over while walking around the shoe department :shame: They're extremely high, and uncomfortable from the start. I also saw the flat in a nice matte taupe/grey color. Absolutely gorgeous! :love:
  10. love the flats and the last pair.....:heart:
  11. :love: Oh my god those Gingham are TDF !!!
  12. So darn adorable, sassy and all things fabulous! Go for at least one of them...perhaps the too cute for words gingham ones?
  13. The gingham ones are so darn cute, but so darn uncomfortable :shame: I almost fell over when I tried them on! I'd kill for the first pair, they're available for pre-order on Saks. But, I did find a pair similar to the second ones, but all in brown suede :love:
  14. I just have to have the Gingham peep toes. They are so cute.
  15. Love the last 2! Hope you get them!