I need advise please.. seller is not cooperating

  1. On December 30th i bought a bag on eBay. The payment was sent that day and cleared Jan 4th.

    I have not recieved my bag. The seller had her "friend" mail it and I know for sure that it was not sent to me the day that she told eBay that it was sent... she's been telling me for the last 3 weeks that she was going to refund it... I have all the emails where she said that her friend was going to mail it and that if i dont receive it by this day blah blah blah that she was going to refund it..

    So she stopped emailing me and I opened a dispute with eBay last night. Today i tried opening one with PayPal.. and i CAN'T. Its past the 45 days since i sent payment!

    I dont know what i can do about getting the money back. It feels like she kept me distracted so i wouldnt open a dispute....

    does anyone know what else i can do? I'm calling paypal will tear into them if i need to... its just BS because i have proof of her saying that she was going to refund me....
  2. If you paid by credit card, you must contact them, unlike paypal they are on your side and will act quickly
  3. Did you pay via Paypal with a credit card? If so, call your CC co and do a chargeback.
    Good luck
  4. It was an e-check thru paypal... :crybaby:
  5. Please call Paypal, dont let them just get you off the phone with excuses about 45 days, you havent even received the item. The seller took your money in return for a bag. this is a contract she has broken. I might be tempted to email her and threaten to get police involved if i were you.
  6. I am going through a similar situation. It was 46 days when I tried to file PayPal. They were not able to help. They recommended contact law enforcement to sellers area, contact member through phone number provided to eBay/PayPal. Have you opened an eBay dispute?? My seller has had 18 negs in the last month for similar and he leaves retaliatory fb. Thankfully as of today he can't retaliate if I leave neg. Today the seller assures me he will refund so we'll see. I hope it works out for you!!

    Here is a copy of email i received from PP

    Dear , Thank you for contacting PayPal. We appreciate your concern about the activity on your account. While thevast majority of online transactions are completed without complication,fraudulent activity can occur. If you feel you have become a victim of Internet Fraud, there is help available. Below is a list of official government web resources to help you report and learn about Internet Fraud. 1. Internet Fraud Complaint Center - http://www.ic3.gov 2. Federal Trade Commission - http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/index.html Please let me know if you need further assistance. Sincerely,Cindy PayPal Resolution ServicesPayPal, an eBay Company
  7. I'm just getting so sick over all this scamming going on!
    Has the world gotten worse in the last 6 months?
  8. Ebay has got worse, it used to be a pleasure to shop, now I am worried about buying anything more valuable than a soap
  9. Call PayPal, it's been only a couple more days. BTW why did you waited so long to file the claim? :s
  10. Because over the last month the seller has been promising to refund me.. She said she even put money in her paypal and just needed it to post.. she said it acted like a echeck and takes a few days to post or whatever.. so i was totally thinking she was going to refund it.. i think when it came down to it, she changed her mind. i dont know if she was just scamming me the whole time or not..

    I'm calling paypal tonight and will get a manager on the phone if need be. I work in a call center myself and know how that goes...
  11. Its 45 days from the date the payment was completed. So technically payment was not completed until the 4th. You just missed the deadline by one day? You might want to tell Paypal that you have been comunicating with the seller up till about recently and that they were promising all along they will ship or refund but the seller stopped comunicating with you... that you had problems with your computer and could not file on time.
  12. Actually the 45 day rule is a bit ridiculous. What if the item is from the other side of the world? It could take half that time to reach you...
  13. Agree it should take into consideration the item's location and the ship to location!

    Droo you should still be able to file with eBay, ebay gives you 60 days from the date listing ended. At least put them on alert about this seller.

  14. I just got off the phone with Paypal..

    They said that the 45 day thing starts from the date that the payment is *sent* not *cleared* TOTAL BS!!! She didnt even get my money until the 4th! So today would be the 45th day!

    So I decided that tomorrow I will open a dispute with my bank.. I'll keep everyone posted on that situation..

    I also called ebay to see what they would eventually do with this seller.... They said that they cant force to refund me, thats why they insist on PayPal, but what might evenutally happen is that they limit the sellers freedom on ebay... like limit her listings and watch her.. thats about it.. Ebay did advise me to report her to www.ic3.gov..

    So tomorrow I'll call my bank.. it just makes me mad that she was so nice and agreeable up until last week. she kept promising and promising to refund me.. and i think that she was just playing with me so i wouldnt file a dispute..

    anyways, i'm sorry for rambling...
  15. I am sorry this has happened to you, and that paypal is not helping you. Have you thought about contacting an attorney, or do you know an attorney who could help you deal with paypal? It is so sad that ppal is so unwilling to help, especially since they are the ones who push and promote the e-check as the best way to pay. I would definitely contact the local police in the seller's town, the FBI's internet crime unit and anyone else you can and provide them with as much info on the seller as you can. Save all emails from her as well. You could always sue her in small claims court-I know that's a hassle, but if you don't stop her she'll do it to someone else. Good luck :flowers: