I need advice!

  1. I just saved enough money to get 2 new bbags! :biggrin: I was super determined to get the RH black city and the RH electric blue city! However, I just saw a ink city on evilbay and I'm thinking of getting it! I always wanted a black city but the other colours are just so tempting! Should I get the ink and the electric blue as black is much easier to get then the blues? Or should I pass on the ink city? D:
  2. Personally, if it were me I would definitely go for the Ink City and then decide between the black and EB. Unless your unsure of whether or not you really want EB, it would probably be best to get the EB now while it's still available since you can get the black anytime :tup:!
  3. DITTO! go for the ink, you can always get black! good luck deciding...
  4. Go for the Ink City! Ink is such a beautiful color. Black cities will always be around.
  5. The ink is lovely, but I would stick to your original plan. I don't like to shop on *bay (too many scams).
  6. I say get the Ink. I wouldn't go for electric blue, I think that colour is over. And since it's such an intense colour, you might get bored of it quickly.

    But that's just me!
  7. Over, already? That was fast, LOL! :nuts:

    Thank god I don't care about trends, I could never keep up, financially or otherwise!
  8. Skip the black - they make those every season. Go for some colors!
  9. Ink! That color is so hard to come by and you have to grab it while it's still there! I have one and it's a great color that goes well with everything!:tup:
  10. Ink is lovely - goes with so many colors.

    I say go for the Ink.
  11. :graucho: It was really popular last spring and summer (and that green colour of the same type, but never made by Balenciaga), for me it's over :yes: But, that's just me;)
  12. I'm a huge fan of black, put like everyone else said they'll always make those. I would go for ink and EB!
  13. i really liked the EB city i saw IRL and it had nice leather. i would get EB and the black - i loveeee my black.
  14. I vote Ink and EB. Both are beautiful, and like everyone else has said, black is made every season--you can always pick one up if you change your mind :yes:
  15. I love EB and would vote for that. I also agree that you should hold on the black because you can get it anytime. Let us know what you decide.