I need advice!

  1. Okay, so back in March I bought an Inclusion Bangle at the LV on Worth Ave in West Palm Beach. I hardly ever wear it and I have fallen in love with the silver and white Sweet Monogram collection (the bracelet and hoop earrings). I've noticed my same LV bracelet selling for like $400+ on eBay and I was thinking I could sell it and get the Sweet Monogram stuff I like, but the Bangle was my very first LV purchase and I love it so much, but it just sits in my jewelry box! What should I do????
  2. sell it on eBay and get something that you really like. I think the sweet monogram bracelet is more practical and it's something that you can wear everyday.
  3. sell it and get what u really want!
  4. I agree with suzie w and fannz. Sell it and get something you really can and will wear...