I need advice with my next LV purchase!


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Mar 27, 2016
I am currently in the process of trying to decide on my next LV purchase - a DE Speedy B 30, a DE Delightful MM or DE Neverfull GM. I already own a DE Neverfull MM and Mono, as well as, a Delightful MM in Mono. I'm concerned about being able to fit everything into the Speedy B. As you can tell from my choices, I tend to gravitate to "tote" or "hobo" styles - hence my previous purchases =) Any advice??


Jun 13, 2012
Columbus, GA
DE Speedy B 30!! I own her, as well as a Neverfull, and I never have any problem with fitting what I need in my Speedy. Plus the cross body option is a HUGE plus, and being DE I carry it when I travel on the plane, in any kind of weather....you will love this bag!
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Mar 13, 2016
Essex England
The Speedy, you can get so much more in them than you think I have 2x 25b and I like to carry a fair bit. Watch some YouTube what's in my bag videos to help you decide. I think everyone would love a Speedy b I don't know what I did before getting mine this year or why it took me so long lol
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Aug 10, 2015
I vote for the speedy since you have already have totes. The speedy is very versatile if you get it in the B version. You can easily go from day to night with it. I have it in size 30 and it fits a full size wallet, the GM makeup bag, my phone, keys, and the other day I was able to stuff my daughter's cardigan in it. The B version can be worn by holding it in your hand, in the crook of your arm, cross body, and on your shoulder at various lengths.
Jan 8, 2014
DE Speedy B 30 or perhaps as others suggest, size up to a 35. It is absolutely versatile and easy to carry. I have DE Speedy B 30 & Mono Speedy B 35 - both sizes work well for me. Maybe try on both sizes on at the store to see if the 35 will work for you.


Jul 24, 2013
The thing is if you are used to one style its because it is the most comfortable for you. i bought the speedy 30 graffiti thinking I might get used to carrying a bag this way rather than the crossbody that Im more used to. But I was wrong. i used it once but I wasnt really comfortable. I find it tiring having to carry one in my arms. Now, i still keep it as a collection but I never get to use it again. When I know im off to a long walk I always gravitate to my crossbody bags. I cant force myself to like a handbag when I am more comfortable with a crossbody. When you buy you have to think what you could really use otherwise it will be a waste of money. Dont buy just because you find it pretty, buy because you really like it and it suits your lifestyle more.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
Thank you everyone for your advice! I ended up purchasing the speedy b 30, and am currently using it as a cross body bag as I travel. I'm loving it! It was the perfect bag to bring to the airport!
Congratulations on your beautiful new treasure! It's versatility makes it awesome for both travel and everyday use.