I need advice with my next LV purchase!

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  1. I am currently in the process of trying to decide on my next LV purchase - a DE Speedy B 30, a DE Delightful MM or DE Neverfull GM. I already own a DE Neverfull MM and Mono, as well as, a Delightful MM in Mono. I'm concerned about being able to fit everything into the Speedy B. As you can tell from my choices, I tend to gravitate to "tote" or "hobo" styles - hence my previous purchases =) Any advice??
  2. I would go for the speedy since you don't have one yet. They hold a lot more than you would think. And if the 30 isn't enough then just go up a size to the 35.
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  3. Exactly what I was going to say!
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  4. +2 [emoji846]
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  5. DE Speedy B 30!! I own her, as well as a Neverfull, and I never have any problem with fitting what I need in my Speedy. Plus the cross body option is a HUGE plus, and being DE I carry it when I travel on the plane, in any kind of weather....you will love this bag!
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  6. The Speedy, you can get so much more in them than you think I have 2x 25b and I like to carry a fair bit. Watch some YouTube what's in my bag videos to help you decide. I think everyone would love a Speedy b I don't know what I did before getting mine this year or why it took me so long lol
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  7. Speedy b 30 holds a lot. Try it out!
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  8. What does DE mean? Sorry, not up to date on my acronyms! :smile:
  9. Damier Ebene
  10. I vote for the speedy since you have already have totes. The speedy is very versatile if you get it in the B version. You can easily go from day to night with it. I have it in size 30 and it fits a full size wallet, the GM makeup bag, my phone, keys, and the other day I was able to stuff my daughter's cardigan in it. The B version can be worn by holding it in your hand, in the crook of your arm, cross body, and on your shoulder at various lengths.
  11. DE Speedy B 30 or perhaps as others suggest, size up to a 35. It is absolutely versatile and easy to carry. I have DE Speedy B 30 & Mono Speedy B 35 - both sizes work well for me. Maybe try on both sizes on at the store to see if the 35 will work for you.
  12. I own a speedy DE 35 and I have no trouble switching my things between my Neverfull mm
    I find it holds the same.
  13. The thing is if you are used to one style its because it is the most comfortable for you. i bought the speedy 30 graffiti thinking I might get used to carrying a bag this way rather than the crossbody that Im more used to. But I was wrong. i used it once but I wasnt really comfortable. I find it tiring having to carry one in my arms. Now, i still keep it as a collection but I never get to use it again. When I know im off to a long walk I always gravitate to my crossbody bags. I cant force myself to like a handbag when I am more comfortable with a crossbody. When you buy you have to think what you could really use otherwise it will be a waste of money. Dont buy just because you find it pretty, buy because you really like it and it suits your lifestyle more.
  14. Thank you everyone for your advice! I ended up purchasing the speedy b 30, and am currently using it as a cross body bag as I travel. I'm loving it! It was the perfect bag to bring to the airport!

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  15. Congratulations on your beautiful new treasure! It's versatility makes it awesome for both travel and everyday use.
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