I Need Advice....What To Wear to a Concert

  1. You ladies are quite stylish and fashion conscious....as such, I'd like to get suggestions from you as to what to wear to a concert next weekend (e.g., jeans/sweater, black pants/blouse). I'm clueless but I want to be cute!;)
  2. What kind of concert?
  3. Stevie Wonder.
  4. bumping.....I see views of this thread but no suggestions....come on ladies.
  5. What kind of venue is he playing in? Sometimes concert venues get warm inside. I would just go with jeans, boots (unless you are uncomfortable about standing in them all night), with a fitted tee or long sleeve shirt.
  6. It depends on who's going with you (frinds/BF/DH), where it will be (indoor or outdoor). I think nice jeans tucked in black heeled boots, a colored blouse inside a black sweater will look simple but cute.

    I think it would be easier for people to write their opinions if you post some combinations of outfits.
  7. :tup:Thanks ladies....I suppose the jeans would be best. The concert will be held in an arena. It shouldn't be too hard to find cute boots and a sweater. I feel the need to buy something new.
  8. I agree with jeans. Pair them with a simple fitted tee (try finding a stevie wonder tour tee!!) with a comfortable pair of boots. Don't forget to accessorize with some jewellery (don't lose them!) and maybe a cute easy-to-carry-around bag.
  9. Thanks for your help, ladies!