I need advice... speedy 30 -or- 35??


love this life
Mar 27, 2011
ok ladies & gents...
so i am heading out on friday to purchase my first Louis Vuitton bag :yahoo:

i am for sure geting a speedy but am not sure weather to get a 30 or 35...

i always fill my purses up, large wallet, makeup bag, coin purse, misc junk,
my iphone and ipad, my pup's leash harness and water bottle. Also quite frequently carry my 3.5 lb yorkie in my bag...

i think i am leaning more towards the 35...

.....should i go 35 or 30?

thanks y'all :tender:
Apr 14, 2011
I personally think the 35 is a little big and looks a little awkward as a handheld bag, i think 30 is the perfect size. BUT if you carry that much then maybe the 35 is more practical for you, just keep in mind that it could get pretty heavy and it could be uncomfortable to carry around as a handheld