I need advice on what I should do?


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Oct 3, 2008
I bought my louis vuitton damier pochette in ebony a year ago and while I was cleaning out my closet I realized it had 2 small diggers in the gold brass!!! :wondering

I have only used this pouch at the MOST 5 times. I am not harsh at all when I use my bags. They never touch the ground, always in the dustbag, if I have to lay it on my lap while eating I always cover it up with my napkin, same with a chair. I know that I couldn't have done this. Matter of fact, I took my nail and tried to scratch at it to see if it would rub off or something and nothing. So this means it either had a really hard hit or it's just a bad piece of hardware.

It sucks I just noticed this after a year. And I know it's not just the brass rubbing off because I've used my speedy probably 30 times and I don't see one black mark on the hardware. Also, the spot where it has black is kinda rough, like it's scratched. I tried to take pictures but nothing shows up.

What would you do? Thanks!


May 3, 2008
Manhattan, New York
i would probably just leave it. it doesn't sound like its very noticeable if you've only noticed after a year. if it really bothers you, i think you can sent it in and they can put new hardware on for you.
Aug 14, 2009
I would probably try to ignore it too. You could send it in to get repaired---but you'll probably pay a hefty price to do so. However it's worth a try. My zippy organizer zipper pull was chipped and the SA at my closest LV sent it in to fix it for free...I guess it just depends on who you get.