I need advice on pumps....

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  1. I need your advice. Looking for a classic black nappa closed toe pump. They need to be comfy, def want a platform. So the question is: Black Nappa Rolandos or Black Calf Alti Pumps? What is going to be more classic, comfortable, wearable with everything, etc.? And I have really wide feet.
    Here are the links:
    Also, thoughts on the Alti Sizing?? I'm 38.5 VP, length is perfect with a heel grip, but they are a bit narrow, but they are stretching.

    Rolandos, which I have on pre-order
  2. BTW, I believe the Alti's are the 140.
  3. I would say the Rolandos are more classic. I like the double platform on the Alti, but I think they're more trendy.
  4. i don't know anything about the ones you mentioned but what about new simples? they're very comfy, have a little platform and i think are great for people (like me) with wider feet. :smile:
  5. Sorry, I missed the part about your feet. If they are wide, you might have problems with the Rolando. They run very narrow.
  6. My wide feet worry me. Maybe I should check out new simples, I just wasn't sold on them for whatever reason. I actually like reg. simples better.
  7. I think I really like the alti's, but what about sizing? 39 too big? That's all footcandy has. Like I said, usually 38.5 ish, but my feet are heinously wide.
  8. For what you want (comfort for wide feet, classic style, etc), I don't think either of those is best. Like laureen said, most people would not classify the Rolando as one of the more comfortable pumps, especially for wide feet, and the Alti pump is much more trendy than classic. Depending on where you work, it might be a bit too much. If you want a platform, how about the Declic? The New Simple is also a good suggestion, but it's not as sexy, IMO. I also like the Ron Ron and the Decollete, but those don't have a platform. Most find the Ron Ron more comfortable than the Decollete.
  9. I think a 39 would be too big. I agree with rilo, the Declic 120 is a good choice for wide feet (the toe box on the 140 is a lot more narrow).
  10. I really like the black nappa declics, but have no clue where to find them. Do they exist anywhere besides ebay? I'm not feeling ebay for shoes so much anymore...
  11. dreachick2384, Saks has them in the lower heel (120mm).
  12. do you know which one?
  13. I've seen them in SF. Your best bet is to call a store. They can check availability through the locator system.
  14. I know, I've been eyeing those, but 39.5 is way big on me :sad:.