I need advice on Kelly wallet choices! Please help!!!

  1. Hi~! Would you please help me...?:sad:I can't decide! I SOOOO want a kelly wallet! I narrowed it down to gold with GH and blue jean with PH. Which one should I get? I have to call back my SA soon...I really hate holding any items long...Of course my SA delightly said they would be on hold for me, but I just don't want to feel like I am delaying their sale...:sweatdrop:
  2. um....what colors are you bags?

    I say go for the gold!

    do you want to use as a clutch?
  3. Both colours are lovely and it's hard to make a choice between them so I guess it would depends on what other accessories you have! Are you having a rainbow like some of the others here? Pick the one colour that you don't already have!
  4. Tough choice. In my opinion, blue jean reflects youth & playfulness, gold is mature and sophisticated. They're so different.

    Let us know what you picked. Which size is this? They have kelly wallets in 3 sizes don't they?
  5. I saw the kelly wallet in croc. Looked like a Aspen wallet to me. Hint, hint.
  6. i think blue jean is light and pretty and whimsical. the gold is a gorgeous neutral. it depends on the colors of your bags, your other accessories and what you are really looking for in terms of a wallet. i have a black and brown wallet so if i got another one i would totally get a whimsical color like blue jean or raisin or something. hth!
  7. :yes:;)

    & Aspen Has Every Color, Leather, Size.....Dream Collection:yes::heart:

  8. Dear Ms. Aspen:

    I've only seen the BJ w/ph with white stitch and not the gold one yet. If $ allow, I suggest, GET BOTH!!! 1 for year-round and 1 for s/s.

    Ok, I am a bad influence...
  9. Thank you for your advice everyone!:flowers:

    Man! This is a hard decision!!! I really didn't plan to buy another wallet as I bought 2 wallets (1 bearn and 1 dogon) WITHIN A WEEK!!!:push: But, I can't resist Kelly wallet!!!

    I really like gold with GH combo, but I am little worried that it might look too mature/classic for my taste. But again, gold with gold HW combo is such a TIMELESS combination...NO WIN situation...:sweatdrop:..to make the situation worse, a red Kelly wallet is starting to bother me and float in front of my eyes on the top of BJ and gold one...:hysteric:
  10. Please don't even start with croc. Kelly wallet..:p! I am sure it must be AMAZING!!!
  11. i would go for the red kelly wallet then if ur not gonna do croc <gasp!>
  12. Heehehehe...You are a bad influence!:roflmfao::p You are really stimulating me:graucho:!
  13. Did anyone already bought Kelly wallet on this forum???????? Any input from your experience??
  14. ^Lumine has one in black box. :tup: