I need advice on how to sell an LV

  1. In December I decided to buy a speedy 25 in toledo blue off eBay. I've only used the bag two times and my husband has been bothering me about how much of a waste it was to spend $485 on a bag that I never use.

    I was wondering if anybody can give me advice as to how I can go about selling the bag? I only have 7 feedback on eBay (100%). The problem is that I don't have any feedback from being a seller.

    Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. Just be sure to give as much info as possible on the bag.

    As for pictures that need to be taken:
    -Front/back/bottom/sides of bag
    -LV heat stamp at the bottom front right corner of the bag
    -Heat stamp that reads "Louis Vuitton Paris" at the middle center of the strap
    -Trademark heat stamp [Louis Vuitton Paris made in _________]
    -Date code
    -Dustbag, box

    Also, just a head's up... not saying you will do it, but many new members have done this: Advertising the link to the bag you're selling anywhere on the forum is not allowed. ;)
  3. To be honest, you most likely won't get that much for the bag because your not an established seller.

    However, I would provide an eye-pleasing background, include many pictures of all different views of the bag. Including close-up pictures of the stitching, hardware, date code, etc. I also recommend that you provide a very detailed description of the bag.

    I just realized that you bought the bag off of eBay; so I don't know if you can offer a return policy if found not be authentic as it may be an illegal bag.

    Best luck!
  4. Thank you both!! Now I have some sort of direction:yes:

    I figure even if I'm only able to sell the bag for $300 atleast I'll be able to put that money towards something I'll get use out of.

    I quickly realized when I got the speedy that I was much more a shoulder bag person. I:heart: my white lodge pm and tulum pm. They're never neglected like my poor speedy:sad:

    Thanks again!
  5. Thank you! I think having a reputable site like that will make it A LOT easier to sell the bag. Now I just have to get my camera back from my sister. She should be back from her trip Sunday.

    I appreciate all the advice!
  6. I sold a computer not having any comments as a seller i only had 1 comment as a buy and i still got my money back for the computer just post great pics and be very descriptive and insist that it is authentic with a refund on authenticity if your 100% sure it is authentic! It would make people probably buy the bag then at good price
  7. Get the bag authenticated by my poupette and say that in the auction, take lots of clear pics, and answer and post everyone's questions about the item.
  8. Agree -- take lots of clear pics and poupette now provides a logo you can display on your auction to let people know it's been authenticated by them. You will have to let them also know your auction number and it too will post on the poupette site. It's a good way to help people feel reassured about your auction.
  9. Thank you! Now I'm torn...maybe I should try ebay:shrugs: Either way, hopefully I'll be able to sell the bag before June.
  10. Go to the ebay section o the forum. There's lots of tips there.:yes:
  11. Good luck! Tell us what you do & how it goes for you!
  12. ^^^Welcome & you have been given great advice- it is well worth the $5 to get the bag authenticated as a new seller. I also listed in my actions that the items come from a smoke free home since to me that's important. Good luck with your bag