I need advice on ebay transaction.

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  1. I just check my email and it looked like I sold a Balenciaga Jacket but further emails show that the buyer requested that I cancel the order and refund her money as she did not authorize the CC transaction. Then I received another email from PP stating that the transaction is under review and that the payment is being held. (She filed a CC claim as well I guess)

    How do I cancel the ebay order if I did NOT receive the money. The buyer is screaming for her money back but I guess since she filed with her CC company as well it left me no money to refund.

    In the meantime my ebay dashboard is telling me I sold an item and to ship it. It states I have been paid.
    How is this going to reflect on my seller status?
  2. I have checked my Paypal resolution center claim and it gives me these 3 options:
    -Provide Shipping Information.
    -I have not shipped the item and I will refund the payment.
    -I have refunded the payment for this transaction.

    None of these apply. I have no money to refund, ??
  3. Call.
  4. The buyer has made it difficult for herself, if she indeed paid and then asked for refund. I would wait through the weekend to see if any funds shows up in your PayPal account. Sometimes it takes a while. If you have to communicate with the buyer, communicate only through the eBay dashboard, and not regular email.... it will protect you while this is being resolved. Good Luck.
  5. +1

    I know it's unpleasant and time-consuming but there's really no other way to clarify this. You have to get them on the phone and pin them down about what the situation is and the fact that you do NOT have the funds available so you can't ship the item.
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  6. I called Ebay....told to call PP.....called PP got TRANSFERRED back to ebay. This happened twice.
    Back on hold with PP and told them DO NOT TRANSFER ME again .....told them to fix this NOW.

    I have a broken jaw and cannot talk well at all.

    I know I need to call but it is hard for me to communicate well.at this time.

    Ebay told me two very different things to do btw.
    PP is no help. They sound like they are reading from a manual and telling me what they think I want to hear.

    I told them to stay on the phone and fix the problem. They keep trying to get me off the phone by saying they will "Review" the case. Then the man tells me he is going to refund me. The guy thinks he is talking to the buyer.

    Finally told them to give me someone who knows something. I said my jaw is broken and I am going to be a ***** till you fix this problem. I asked why they can't close the case while I am on the phone. How hard can that be.
  7. So what do you know .........PP closed the case......Shame you've got to be a ***** to get them to do something for you.
  8. No surprise there! I've been saying that for years!
    Good. i'm sorry you had to deal with that nonsense. It should have been easier.
  9. Oh that's awful, MAGJES. :sad: I'm sorry you have to go through this nonsense especially with a broken jaw. It's amazing how backwards their CS is. I mean it is just terrible. You really have to bully them to perform even basic tasks but I'm glad that you've gotten it resolved now, at least.
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