I need advice on an ink classique

  1. I posted this on the "authenticate this" board, however I do think this bag is authentic so what I really need is opinions on the price and the looks of the leather.

    Ebay item # 160000010805

    I really want an Ink First. Would it be cheaper to order from BalNY if they had any? Anyone know if they do?

    Any advice or thoughts are welcomed. Thanks!
  2. Balenciaga NY phone is 212-206-0872. Ask for Joseph or Louie. The best leather is the least veiny, most mat look. I got my ink City from Louie. He did a super job. Good Luck!
  3. I would definitely call Bal NY! Especially over ebay- there have been just way too many super fakes around lately. Better to spend your money on a bag that you have no doubts about authenticity if you can!!! And Ink is just the most amazing color IRL! You will love it!