I Need advice on an auction

  1. Okay...I am going to sell this Charlie. Now...the bag is not as bad I am thinking it is. I am a real perfectionist. But I believe in full disclosure on an auction. So many times bidders tell me the bag is so much better than I describe it. So I want to make the bidders fully aware but at the same time try not to turn them off totally. I am enclosing part of my auction template. Tell me what you think. Is it too vague? Is it too harsh? What do I need to add. I will take a new slew of pics and try to show what I am telling. I am opening bids at 100.00.

    Up for auction is a Very Pretty KOOBA Charlie bag from the new Spring 2007 line in Color Rose. It's a gorgeous Dusty Pink color great for Spring and Summer. It's a spacious slightly structured bag that would be great for work or Casual wear<p>You may ask why I am selling this bag at such a low cost. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my bags and I have found that the Charlie bag leather, although luxurious and soft, is very suseptable to scuffs/scratches etc. This is not a bag you can bang around in. Not a bag that you throw on your car floor. It needs a little Babying. I have used this bag a week and although I treated it with Wilson's Leather protectant, it has accumulated little marks and scuffs. Strangely enough it weathers great in rain. If water gets on it, it darkens but dries and looks perfect again with no residual marks. But I am one to want my bags to look perfect. I may be a tad of a perfectionist and the mars may not even be noticable in my pictures. They are NOT noticable from afar and not even at first glance. But I tend to "inspect my bags" and I am not happy with what I see. I LOVE Kooba bags but the leather on the Charlie is just a little too soft for me. So I am selling this bag starting at a low low price and will let you set what it is worth to you. There is no returns on this bag because I am disclosing all imperfections to a fault. This bag is a great style and very very functional and comfortable. I hope someone can treat it with the respect it needs.<p>
  2. Lexie, I'm not sure what more you could possibly add as it is an excellent description. You were open, honest and frank about the condition with slight defects, why you were selling, what you thought of the bag and how it has weathered the use. With that incredibly priced opening bid along with your high glowing feedback, I would think that you would have no trouble selling it. It's certainly a shame that this bag didn't work out well for you as it looks like a real beauty.
  3. Sounds good to me! Good luck on your sale!
  4. Well, I listed it. I can revise so any suggestions are still welcome. The pics make it look much worse than it really is. It amplified everything so much. And then of course I circled all the spots. BUT, I'd rather sell it cheap and have someone be happy than someone thinking they got ripped off. I hope selling this bag doesn't prove a problem. I have never sold anything marred like this.
  5. I'm really sorry about this, both for you and me. I had planned to order a Charlie next month in the rose, possibly ivory, but now I think if I get one, it'll have to be luggage. I probably should rethink any bag in the slate as well.

    Lexie, do you have any bags in the slate and if so, how are they holding up?
  6. Well Duh on that question, Lexie. I see you've changed your avatar and there's a stunning slate bag there! So how it's holding up so far?
  7. I haven't used it yet. I went on a buying spree and have 3 bags I haven't used yet. I really should I guess to see if it presents the same problems.
  8. Lexie, It's a great detailed description.

    I guess this means that all the rose colored bags are going to need TLC? That's one downfall to the lighter, springier colors. And tif hey don't sell well, Kooba might not branch out and experiment with other colors.

    The slate is fantastic, and of course the red this season was the 'bomb". The rose is so pretty to look at, but most of us want to use our bags!
  9. I just saw your bag on eBay. It doesn't look too bad actually. I'm not a babying type though. I put my bag (some of you would hate me!) on top of most things (don't worry, no bathroom floors!), so I think I would've killed that bag. Love the color still. Where is the Nicole in Rose??? No where to be found :crybaby: .
  10. Well Lexie, you've been very straight here, especially as the marks are probably not as bad as they look in the photos...Nobody can say you tried to hide the fact the bag is very sensitive, but with that great price, I'm sure you will have bids:smile: Sorry the Charlie turned out like this, that Rose was really a beautiful colour (at least you might be able to recoup some of your money)
  11. Can someone post a link to Lexie's Charlie? I can't seem to find it?
  12. Lexie, you do a great job with your auctions, you will have no trouble. Have faith that the truth was told. If a new owner for your Charlie is near, they will see it.

    Good luck with your auction.
  13. Grace, tried to post the link for you, but for some reason I was unable to copy it, maybe somebody else have better luck...
  14. Thanks! I found it now.
  15. :yes: Hi Lexie, it's so weird i just checked eBay for any new koobas and saw a few that looked bogus until i came to your listing for a luggage nicole...i saw the name of the seller and in your description read that you had 14 koobas....i immediately came to this thread to check and see if you were a member! and here you are...and showing such concern for how your postings are perceived! you are everything that is RIGHT about eBay! keep up the good work and I may be bidding on that charlie.....:yes:!!