I need advice on Adios....

  1. Hi- I am relatively new to Tokidoki and bought a campeggio Adios during the Macy's FF sale (online). I should have gotten several but I didn't. The one that came today has lousy print placement. Does anyone know if Macy's will exchange it in the store with the same discounted price for a better one?
    Does anyone know if Pulse has them any more and are they on sale there? thanks in advance...
  2. I'm pretty sure you can take your campeggio to your local macys and they will exchange it for you. i'm not sure about Pulse though. You can always call and ask.. or even email.
  3. yeah i traded out a pirata bambione for equal value (same item but diff print) @ macys ... um just tell them you weren't satisfied, as long as it's the same item , ex. campeggio then i don't think it should be a problem
  4. ooo the possibilities :smile: I might exchange my pirata stellina then :biggrin:
  5. I believe Pulse doesn't have the campeggio in adios (at least not anymore)

    Usually with a big bag like campeggio you get lucky to get lots of the print. Bummer huh? I ordered 4 stellinas and they all kind of stunk except one.