I need advice on a Stam repair

  1. My beautiful Stam, that I have only used for a week, already has a boo boo. I don't know how it happened but I have a little 1mm rip in the leather on the frame. I suspect that I snagged my ring on it. I'm thinking I can tack the leather down with a little super glue, but I thought I would ask if anyone has tried it before or has any better ideas. What do you think ladies? TIA, Cheryl
  2. hi cheryl, i'm sor sorry that you had this bobo.....what i'd do is take it to a nm and ask them to send it of for repair...or a Nordies.... it's likely they wouldn't charge you at all....if you're lucky like me you'll get a whole new bag.

    good luck!
  3. Thanks, Aggie
    I snag is so small I don't think it warrents a repair shop. No one but me would notice the rip I just don't want it to get any bigger. Plus, I live about 100 miles from the nearest store and the bag has a silver line inside indicating that it's an employee sale bag.
  4. i would definately try what aggie suggested. if it were an older stam style, i'd then suggest the glue route
  5. could you take a pic of it?
    i make handbags on the side, and there's this glue you can use that works great on leather, wont stain and drys very quickly. it's called 'Fabri-tac'. you could put a little on a pin or something and just tak it down so the leather doesn't come up and get worse.
  6. Thanks, jun3machina

    I'll look for some Fabri-tak.
  7. sure thing :smile:
  8. cheryl....i would contact MJ...i don't think that because the bag was purchased an employee sale you couldn't get it fixed by MJ....since you're far from the store....I'd contact MJ repairs where you can talk to someone about sending the bag in, often times the bag can be repaired without any cost to you (apart from shipping). The bag should be fixed by a professional, just make sure to say you purchased the bag within the last year because MJ doesn't do repairs for items over 18 months old. Also, any rip in a bag can lead to further rip if not properly taken care of. I also have posted info before about contacting MJ for repairs ( I believe I posted their phone number) look for it and contact them, they're very helpful. Good Luck!