I need advice on a jpg...need to make a decision...

  1. I just was contacted and there is a chocolate jpg with PH that I am able to purchase....I have to give my answer today.
    I have decided that I want a jpg--tried one on and I think I can pull it off.
    I had hoped for gold or a color but I do like brown...do you think I should go for it??:confused1:
  2. yes!!! you have the marron fonce though right? how close is it to choc brown?
  3. S.........I think you could totally rock a JPG but maybe you should wait for a color you really want? How about a little something like VB's Etoupe JPG? That would be stunning for you..........
  4. If you love it- YES! If you feel for even a second that you are settling, then NO!
  5. also- how was the profile on you? was it super big? if so the choc brown may play that down a little while a color may be fun but make it stick out more, kwim?
  6. RC if you like brown go for it, if you really wanted another color I think you should wait. I think brown goes with everything....
  7. Yes, Rockerchic, I think you should get it! I think brown is very versatile and is a great color to have! What type of leather is the chocolate JPG? Do you have other H bags that are also chocolate color? If you have a chocolate Birkin, then maybe you should pass this one up and wait for a gold one. But if you don't have any chocolate color H bag, get this one!! :yes:
  8. I agree with HK. I personally think you could totally rock that chocolate JPG. I have seen your action pics and I think JPG suits you.:rochard::rochard:
    If you like brown, there's nothing wrong with having 2 brown bags. I have 3 bags in rouge h and I wouldn't mind getting a fourth.
  9. Like Penny's?

    Rockerchic, I think you will enjoy the JPG Shoulder Birkin very much.


    whitebirkin - JPG Birkins only come in Clemence for non-exotic versions.
  10. I do have MF fjord but with gold hw. This is chocolate with ph and the price is pretty fabulous....
    I wonder if I should wait because I have the MF?

  11. I agree...get the color that makes your heart sing, I can't wait to see you with a JPG, I have a feeling that this will be the PERFECT bag for our Rocker.
  12. Mrs. S: thanks for the info... but my JPG is barenia with denim?? Is it only for this combination?
  13. Rockerchic, that means the chocolate JPG would be just like Penny's... It's lovely!! I think you should get it, and I agree with d other members... I've seen your pic and you can totally carry this bag!
  14. Sounds perfect, S!! You need a nice brown bag with palladium h/w and you have been offered a good deal on this one? No brainer!! Go for it darlin'!
  15. Rocker...didn't you just buy a brown bag? or am i crazy?

    okay good i am not just read you did

    so maybe its worth waiting for a gold?