I Need Advice On A FUN LV Spy Assignment :) :) :)

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  1. My BIL is going to surprise my SIS with an LV for her birthday :nuts:. How do I pump her for info without tipping her off? She's whip smart, her b-day is coming up soon and I'm determined to get the job done without ruining the surprise. Please help me...I'm not a good liar and can't pretend to save my life. TIA!!!
  2. Does she like your LV's? Has she talked more about one style than another? Have you gotten a new one recently, or do you ever talk about handbags with her? I would suggest just having a conversation with her and try to steer the conversation towords handbags..........talk about your LV's and see if she joins in.............maybe she's always wanted one, a certain style?? That's the way I would do it, casual conversation.....she may catch on but if she's lucky, she may get the bag of her dreams!
  3. go shopping with her, take her into lv, and ask for opinions on a bag that you want to get for yourself.
  4. I agree with lovebeibei. Tell her you are getting a new bag and want her opinion.
  5. ^^^That's what I was going to say. Act as if you are picking out your own bags and ask her 'which would you choose, out of these 2"?
  6. I agree with the above posters, take her into LV to look for something for "yourself"
  7. ITA!! Take her shopping at a LV store. It doesn't matter if you ask her specifically which ones she likes, she'll naturally gravitate towards her favorites :smile: That's what I did with my sister (though my mom bought her the bag, not me!)
  8. if you can get a louis vuitton lookbook...just leave it on the coffee table, have her seat nearby while you get busy in the kitchen or smthing...by nature, she'll pick it up and flip through...while busy elsewhere...ask her to pick out her favorites since you're looking for a new bag...

    generally bringing someone to a LV store when they don't usually go with you is a big tip off...or so i had to find out -.-
  9. There is a lady that works with me and for their last anniversary, her husband asked me for help buying her a new purse. I picked out several styles with him and then while at work with her, I asked her opinion on a purse that I wanted to buy for my mom. It is easy to shop for myself, I told her, but I need a fresh perspective when buying for someone else. She picked one out and I promptly ordered it for her DH (who knows NOTHING about purses) for him to surprise her with. She jokingly scolds me for being sneaky but she loves her new purse to bits.
  10. Thanks for your input guys! I forgot to mention, I'm in Cali and my sis is in Texas. We talk bags all the time. I know her current favorites but she is hard to pin down as to which one. I'm scared that if I bring it up and try to get her to name her ultimate, she'll get know since her b-day, wedding anny & v-day are all this month. Hope I don't sound too paranoid, lol...
  11. ^^ You can also tell your brother in law about one of her current fave ones and he can ask for a gift receipt. If she switches faves between now and when the bag is given to her, she can always exchange it.
  12. Take her to the store and ditch her for a few minutes. Just find a way to leave her on her own while you browse in another area of the store. :smile:See what bags she picks up.
  13. Thanks for your input everyone! I talked to my sweet & fickle sis today and she's decided she'd rather have tiffany's, lol. I myself seem to always pass on tiffy's when it comes to LV but to each his or her own :smile:.
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