I need advice on a bag!!! Help!!!

  1. I am going to be going to the BV boutique while on vacation over x-mas....I am all ready to buy a bag and wallet. My problem is....WHICH ONE?????? I like a medium sized bag, and I really prefer a bag that can be worn on your shoulder. I am not too into satchels. I LOVE the Fero color :drool:and was also thinking of black. I know, I know, very "safe".....but I have to start somewhere LOL! Which bags would all of you BV experts recommend? Pics would be great too if you are feeling ambitious!!! Thanks so much for your help!!! :heart:
  2. How about a medium black campana or veneta. These are classic styles for BV and a good first bag. There are loads of pics in the reference section of this thread. If you like the ferro bag than the ferro sloane is a good choice for a shoulder bag.
  3. How about the pyramid in ferro? or any classics (especially campana if you ask me) in nero would be great!!
    Have fun trying on all the purses at the boutique!! and welcome to the BV sub-forum.:flowers:
  4. I was told by my bv sa that the ferro sloane is sold out. don't know if someone knows something different. I vote for campana, but I am obsessed with it.
  5. The medium campana is my favorite BV style, and the ebano is gorgeous. You should try that one on!
  6. pics of the ebano campana


    from BV
  7. The BV website says the Ferro Sloane is sold out and anything else in Ferro is flying off the shelves. Nero or Ebano are good choices. Try on a bunch of bags and I believe the right one will be apparent to you--it will feel right and comfortable.

    Good luck!
  8. The Ferro Sloane is now available on NAP!! :nuts: It's not like shopping while on vacation but if something Ferro is what you crave it's still available. Nordstrom may still have it too.
  9. Yes, this would be my choice! A lovely bag, gives a very nice slouch. The rings do add some class and detail to the bag. I like it very much.

    See blugenie's Ferro Pyaramid - isn't it TDF :drool:?
  10. Thanks SO much the all the replys....I am definately loving the campana (Thanks Jane for the great pic!!!) and I do like the looks of the veneta and the new pyramid. I thought the ferro NP wasn't availabe in the US? I will most likely try them all on and see how they feel! I am going to check out NAP for sure but I did want the fun of looking at all the styles at the boutique. I hope I can control myself until I go!!!
  11. the ferro sloane is still available in hong kong! :p
  12. OMG! The ferro pyramid is fantaslicious! :drool:

    I wonder if they will bring this into Asia. It seems that we only get the black and brown, at least for now...:sad: