I need advice! (kinda long post)

  1. A very good friend and I were at the Coach outlet a few months before Christmas and she purchased her first ever Coach bag. She got the Chelsea medium hobo in black. I didn't care for the bag becuase it wasn't my style but she was in love with it. When Christmas came around, I decided to buy her the matching zip around accordian wallet. When I gave her the wallet she was ecstatic, made a big fuss about how I spent way too much on her and how she loved the wallet, etc. Now here's the problem--I've seen her many time since Christmas and she has carried several different bags, but I have yet to see wallet that I purchased for her.

    Is it rude for me to ask about it? (I kinda think that it is, especially since I had to return a gift that she purchased me for my birthday and I would be embarassed if she asked me about it).

    If I was to ask her about it, how should I go about it?

    Sorry for the long post and any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated:smile:. TIA!!
  2. IMO since you gave it to her as a gift, what she does with it is her business.
    i don't think i'd ask.
  3. i personally wouldn't ask. i bought my friend a demi and i know for a fact it's sitting in her closet. and, at the time, that was a LOT of money for me to drop on her. still is, come to think of it...

    if you need to sort of 'investigate', bring it up casually. 'oh, wouldn't that wallet i bought you go good with that bag!'. or something like that.
  4. I wouldn't basically because you said you'd feel embarassed if she were to ask about the gift that you had to return and she may feel the same way. You were very thoughtful to get her something that you thought she would like and find useful; however, a gift is a gift and the receiver should be able to do what they want with it.
  5. ITA
  6. ^^^^ I gave a friend of mine one of my bags that was just too small for me and I have yet to see her use it. I haven't asked her b/c I figure it's a gift, so it's her business what she does with it. I do understand wanting to know however.
  7. Yes, I agree with everyone else. I think asking about it would embarrass you both so there is no point bringing it up. BTW, did you give her a gift receipt with it? It doesn't really matter - I am just curious. :smile:
  8. no.. especially if you returned something she gave you..it's the same idea.
  9. Agree with everyone else...its not your business what she does with something once you give it to her.
  10. I did give her the gift reciept.
  11. shoppy has a great point. the gift reciept is a good idea because yes you meant very well, but what if the wallet she is currently using is really sentimental and that is why she hasnt used the one you gave her. give her a chance to get something she will use often. you are such a good friend to give her that kind of gift and i am sure she does love it. dont worry. its a gift and you did all that you could to make her happy. what she does with it is again her business.
  12. I concur and say "don't ask". A wallet is such a personal item (ie everyone has their own personal taste on wallets, how much they should hold, etc) it may be that it's just not functional for her at the moment, or she's saving it to keep it nice. She may have just figured too that it made sense to use her old one to death before switching to her new one. In any case, you gave her a sweet and thoughtful gift, I'm sure that she appreciated it.