I need advice/input- "teaching" a baby to STTN

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  1. So, my DD is 6 months old, and for about the last 3 weeks she has gone from STTN to waking at least twice and sometimes 3 times a night. Her pedi said that by six months she is "able" to sleep 12 hours without being fed. He suggested I up her solids (I was only feeding her 1 jar of fruit or veggies a day with cereal, and he said I could up her to 2 jars and 3 if she would eat 3.) So, she has been eating much more solids and has not been sleeping any longer/better. I know it's my fault for letting her BF until she is sleepy/asleep and then putting her in the crib. According to everything I've read ( 3 books different parenting books) she needs to learn how to fall asleep on her own. So, my plan after reseach is to put her down after our normal bedtime routine, and go to her after 5 mins, leave the room and return every 20 mins until she is asleep. The book I am using suggests not picking her up, just telling her it is time to sleep, making sure she is ok and then leaving again. Well...Its been 40 mins and she is still crying. I need some support! Should I give in and go get her and let her BF to sleep now, (and at 1 and at 5....then up for the day at 7) or should I try to stick this out? Also, any suggestions of making this work...would be great!
  2. I didn't BF but I am having the same problem with Kayla, anxious to hear advice on this Kori.
  3. My DD is 4.5 months and does the same thing...I go in and pop the soother into her mouth and she falls back asleep...but once the soother falls out, she wakes up crying again. I am also interested in any advise on sleep training.
  4. Wow! It looks like a lot of us are in the same boat.
    About 15 mins after this post, she quieted down...so I went to check on her and she was ASLEEEEEEEEEEP! She was uncovered so I covered her back - and she saw me -which woke her up again...she cried for another 5 mins and went back to sleep. About 15 mins later I checked on her again once she had been silent for a while and her arm was thru one of the crib slats so I gently moved her to the middle of the crib..she didn't even wake up then!
    The main book I am using (Teach Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night by Charles Schaefer, Ph.D.) says that this generally takes 3 days to work...It also says the first night is the worst..so IF tonight was the worst I'm anxious to see how it improves tomorrow...
    I'd really love some input from mothers with older kids...
  5. I would try and do this gradually rather than going from BFing while going to sleep to NOTHING. Know what I mean?

    Rather than BFing try holding / rocking her for maybe a night or two...and then maybe go to holding her for a little bit, putting her in her crib and rubbing her back...then leave out the rocking...etc etc
  6. Do you put her in the crib to nap during the day? If so, how does she fall asleep then-- also nursing to sleep? I am asking because I read that healthy sleep habits need to be reinforced, so if you put her in her crib awake (tired, but awake) during the day, then this should help her fall asleep on her own at night.

    I've also read the following about night waking: If she does wake up at night, keep your voice low and soothing, keep the lights dim, and only pick her up as a very last resort.

    This advice has been working for me, but DS has only started STTN this past week (he's 2 months). HTH!
  7. I've tried just the rocking, and it is almost the same as BFing...She still wakes up and gets super upset in the middle of the night, and there is nothing that will stop the screaming except BFing. I also tried patting/ rubbing her tummy (she still sleeps on her back) and she just lays there and screams...I know she is just doing it for comfort/not wanting me to leave her there even though I'll be there if she needs me.
  8. I do put her in the crib to sleep for naps and at night. She has always nursed to sleep...Occasionally if she is very sleepy she will go straight to sleep -no problems. But mostly now she wants to be nursed until she is completely asleep. I think she would stay latched if I didn't take her off KWIM?

    As far as night waking goes, I've been just going into her room (she's in her room--and has been for about 2 months now) leaving lights off, not speaking and nursing her back to sleep as quickly as possible. Lately she only nurses maybe 5 mins during the night wakings, so I'm pretty sure it's not for food...just to get her back to sleep/or for comfort.

    Congrats on your DS STTN!! My dd was doing really well until about 5 or 5 1/2mos and then all of a sudden...she cried when I put her down and started waking again.
  9. Sounds like you're on the right track, just be consistent :smile:
  10. LOL, I do know what you mean! I think you need to start here, with the daytime naps. This battle seems like it may be easier to fight during the day when you have the most energy.

    Does she have a soother in the crib (a toy that attaches to the side of the crib and plays music)? If so, try establishing a routine that incorporates this. DS knows (I think) that when I put him down in the crib and turn the lullibies on that it is time for him to go to sleep. Also, does she take a pacifier? How about using the music and the pacifier as cues to help her know that she needs to go to sleep on her own....
  11. She does have a musical toy, and I do play it for her everytime she lays down. It hasn't seemed to help unless she is almost completely asleep. Sometimes then she will watch it and doze off. She won't take a pacifier! I've tried every kind and she isn't interested! lol.
    AS far as naptime, I am going to try to continue today with her naps but I am babysitting for a friend, so I may not have time to "fight" with her. We will see.....
  12. Thanks Tink!!

    Update! I think we mave have had a breakthrough last night! She did wake up once during the night (at 2:30AM) and I did go ahead and nurse her after letting her cry for a few mins to make sure she was awake. I did NOT let her fall asleep nursing and we put her in the crib awake...she went right back to sleep and did not wake again until 7AM (her usual wake time!) I'm hoping this continues, and I can possibly eliminate her 2AM waking!!
  13. ^^Yay! That's great news. Hopefully it was just a phase!
  14. Another Update: At her AM nap She only cried for 7mins! But, she didn't sleep very long...only about 35mins...she usually sleeps for an hour. I guess the real test will be tonight when she goes to bed. I'll update again after that.
    Is there anyone else who has had good results with "sleep training"?
  15. My good result with sleep training is that now my DD will sleep when I put her in her crib awake...she knows that when she goes into the crib and I turn on the sleep sheep it's time for "night night". She used to have to be rocked, nursed, and sung to sleep.

    But she still wakes up at night and I have to go in to give her the soother. Should I let her cry for a bit before I go in to rescue her? Most times, after I pop in the soother, she falls back asleep pretty quickly...but cries again when it falls out. It gets quite frustrating some nights when I am up about 3-4 times!