I need advice / help....Please


    Hello girls-

    If there is anyone who can help me it is surely one of you. Ok here goes:
    In May 2006 I bought the large size Hook Bag in Lavender. It faded fast (I mean few weeks and it was not used all the time either). I brought it back in to complain (to Neiman’s) and they offered to re- dye it. I was not sure so I went home to think about it. I went in a few months later (the SA remembered me) and let them re- dye it, figuring I had nothing to lose. I was not using the bag anyway as it was so faded it looked bad. Keep in mind this bag was $1,700 dollars two years ago before the price increased in bags (in general). They (sent to Balenciaga and they were the ones who did the work) re dyed it and when I came in to pick it up the color did not match the mirror that came with the bag, this I expected. But the feel of the leather changed as well. I was informed that could happen before they did it. But the metal on the bag had rust like substance on it and the hardware had atrophied and just looked horrible. Combining this with the color and the feel, needless to say I was shocked and I went home. My mistake but I am a passive person and now I am stuck with an ugly bag that I do not wear. My question is it too much to ask / possible for it to be sent to Balenciaga to have the hardware changed (there is no way to clean it as it is scratched and it did not look like that when I took it in) and for it to be re- dyed black. In addition they dyed portions of the hardware. It just looks cheesy. I know I should have said something earlier, but tonight I was cleaning out my closet and seeing it pissed me off. I thought I could try, but don’t know where to start and the Neiman’s by my house sucks. When I brought it in the first time they should have given me a new one and they admitted in faded fast.
    So what should I do or is it too late?

  2. do you have a picture of the bag? please post a picture if you can. it sounds like a horrible experience, but the NM i went to before never recommended re-dye the bag as the leather would appear stiffer.
  3. :sad: That's horrible. I would take it back and explain what happened and see what they say. It's been re-dyed now, so they probably can't undo that but maybe Balenciaga would at least clean up the hardware!
    Other than that, I would try emailing Lovin' My Bags and ask Barbara if she could help.
    Good luck!
  4. Oh good advice I am off to locate Barbara. Thanks!
  5. I would go to NM show them what a horribe job they did and try to make them replace it with another bag. If you complain enough, they might do it and they SHOULD do it.
  6. let us know how it turns out. i hope NM would replace the bag for you.
    Good Luck!
  7. I bought a French Blue from NM that faded in about 2-3 months. I contacted the sales person who sold it to me, and she said to send it back for them to look at. I enclosed a letter that I wrote, detailing what and where there was a problem. They called me when they got it and told me they would redye it. And I said that was not acceptable because I had heard that the texture would not be the same, let alone what color I might end up with. So within 24 hours they called me back and told me they were refunding my money!! I know that doesn't help you now, but be firm. If you have the receipt and any documentation as to what they did and when, I would gather it together. I have found NM more agreeable and lenient than BALNY from the stories that have been told on this forum.

    Good luck.