I need advice from the experts- YOU

  1. ok, so i bought the hamptons weekend tote in blue ($198) on friday, and even though it is stunning in every way, i don't think it is very functional for me (the straps fall off and the half zipper is annoying).

    So, i was thinking about trading it in for this in blue:

    The only issue with this is that it's not as big and doesn't have the pretty blue signature lining.

    What do you all think? Keep the original? exchange for the smaller? return the original and just wait for something else?


    I REEEEEAAALLLY want something in this color.

    thanks everyone!
  2. hmm...that demi is ALOT smaller than the tote...did the hobo come in blue?

    (it doesn't have the siggy lining? how odd...)
  3. i don't know if the hobo did or not...hmm.

    well, on the website it says "fabric lining" whereas mine says "signature lining".
    sigh. :sad:
  4. I know what you mean about the straps and the zipper. I have that problem with mine too and ended up not using the zipper at all.
    If you're able to fit everything into the demi, I'd say you'd probably be happier.
    Or, can you live with the zipper open all the time?
  5. I think the demi is a really cute bag! If you can fit everything you need into it id say go for it.
    That blue color is really pretty and great for summer.
    Let us know what you decide to do.
  6. can't live with the zipper open. honestly, i think the straps are going to be more of the problem. i just do not like the way they sit on my shoulder.

    well, i'd probably end up using the demi for certain occassions when i only needed to carry a certain amount of things, instead of all my daily crap! :smile:
  7. DEFINITELY take the bag back...you OBVIOUSLY do not LOVE it and would not be completely satisfied with it, so DO NOT SETTLE!! :smile:
    The Demi is SUPER CUTE....LOVE that BLUE! OR...if the Hobo comes in the blue, get that one!! I think that Demi can hold a good bit of stuff though - super cute for summer! Hmmmmm.....you're making me WANT ONE! :drool:
  8. hahahaha thanks!
  9. For me, it's all about LOVE, so if you don't love it, it's gotta go!!!

    The blue is super cute!!!
  10. It sounds like it needs to go back. Try on the demi at the store when you take it back. Then decide if you like the demi.
  11. It really sounds like the bag needs to go bag.
    If you don't love it don't keep it.
    Wait for something to come along that you love.
  12. Have you checked the outlets out? They have some similar type bags there...maybe they have one that'll fit your needs? (better zipper/strap)

    honestly can't remember if I saw a blue at the outlet...maybe someone else can chime in (or check the outlet thread above)
  13. yah i was just there last weekend. they had more of the hamptons totes (i think last years models? not sure), def no blue though! :sad: