I need advice from my Chloe Sisters on a MJ

  1. I posted this on Marc Jacobs, but had lots of views, but no replies.
    Maybe because they don't know me as well as you gals do :tender:

    I am thinking of getting this bag to add to my Chloe collection,
    as a change to a lighter summer bag,
    but need some feedback before I take the plunge.
    It is a Marc Jacobs quilted dark denim Venetia.

    Honestly, what do you all think? :girlsigh:
  2. I can't say that I'm a big fan of MJ lately. I feel like he's getting his LV and MJ lines confused. This bag is reminiscent of the Manhattan to me, except for the material and the quilt. I also prefer the leather versions of this bag over the denim but it's because I have horrible luck with anything too porous (think sponge).

    Are you getting the bag on sale or are you paying full price. Nordies had an MJ sale not too long ago (it might still be going on), that's why I'm asking.

    I would pass on it personally unless it was on sale. I could probably justify paying that much moreso. Sorry. But I do think that if you absolutely love it, get it. You'll be carrying the bag and that's really what matters.
  3. I have a Venetia and like the style a LOT.
    Obviously it's a winner as LV decided to take it on as well.
    If you like it go for it!
  4. I am getting it on sale for about half off. I have wanted a denim bag
    for awhile now and can't find a quality one unless it has a bunch of weird flowers and such on it.

    He actually designed the Venetia before he went to work for LV,
    so he copied this to design the Manhattan GM and PM.
    I am disappointed since he moved over to LV, as many
    of their bags look just like his now :oh:
  5. Ha! That's so funny! I had no idea that the Venetia came first! Why does he do that??? I feel like he's confused between the two.

    If you're getting it on sale for half off and you wanted a denim bag, I would then say go for it! It's much better than the LV denim ones (imo, LV lovers, please don't shoot me!)
  6. It's not my cup of tea but I'm not a big MJ fan anyway and this looks very similar to the LV Manhattan just in denim. I'm not to keen on the colours. But if you love it go fir it! That's the only thing that counts.
  7. I think for half off and if you've been wanting denim, you should go for it. There are not very many nice denim bags i've seen around and this one definetely looks good!
  8. I do like this dark denim cf the lighter, washed one. For that price, go for it! Although, one thing I'm not a fan of is the strap in the middle. Kinda cumbersome.. unless of course you leave it un..er strapped.
  9. chicbags,

    Denim bags are so cute for the summer, and if you are going to buy a denim bag this one is a winner. I agree with Balenciaga that this bag does resemble the Manhattan a lot. Or rather, the Manhattan resembles this bag a lot (since this came first). Personally I don't like the LV denim line.

    I'm not a big fan of denim bags in general because I can't see wearing them all year around. Denim is very porous and the fall rain and winter snow might ruin its exterior. Also I can't see you wearing a fabulous chic fall outfit toting a denim bag. However, if you are looking for a summer bag I'd definitely buy this bag! But only if it's 50% off!!!
  10. I am a huge MJ fan! And I love this bag! I have hte Blake, which is a similar style and Love it!!! So I say go for it!!!
  11. It's not me - I'm just not a fan of denim purses. I do own an LV Hudson so I love the actual style. But if you like it who cares what anyone else thinks.
  12. I think it is a great bag especially if you are looking for a denim bag. I think the venetia is a classic and the denim gives it a little edge.
  13. I am not a Chloe sister (don't own one yet) and am a fan of MJ but don't love the look of this bag. Don't like the denim and quilting together, too busy for my tastes. I also don't like the brown strap. JMO
  14. Thank you all for your honest and detailed opinions. :flowers:

    I did go ahead and buy it. I am a former MJ bag lady converted to a Chloe fan. I have always loved the Venetia and am a fan of blue and yellow color combination. If it doesn't feel quite right when it arrives, I am sure I can resell it and not lose too much money. :girlsigh:

    I :heart: my PF pals :cutesy:

  15. I figured the Venetia came first. I doubted that LV would allow an LV desing to be taken over to a personal line. It was way more plausable that he made it for his own line and the LV team wanted it.
    He wasn't even the designer of this bag, it was a woman within the MJ company who works for Gap now.

    For a denim bag you can't get any better!