I need advice - Baby Cabas

  1. I am desperate to get a Baby Cabas, but as you know - they are impossible to find :crybaby: I actually missed out on 3 the last couple of weeks on eBay.

    Originally I wanted a black, but as time goes bye I am ready to look at other colors and my eye caught a khaki/bronze. Any of you guys have this color and do you love it? Its hard to tell from the pics if it has silver or gold hardware.

    Or should I wait for the black that might never show up? Pls help me decide.

    I have also been looking at the denim (thanks to Jill LOL) and like that one too, but I prefer the leather if possible.

    I also had the opportunity to get the original Cabas in caviar leather, but could not make up my mind, and know I am thinking I should have gotten that one? It was gorgeous and the only thing that worried me was size :drool:

    What to do? Help!! :search:

    Thanks for letting me rant :idea:

  2. Keep looking and good luck! I have the khaki and adore it. The hardware is actually like a rosy copper color. I'd keep an eye on eBay and just call around. Some department stores will be getting in shipments of the baby in various colors, so I'd go around waitlisting. Be prepared for scoffing SA's though. I had to deal with a few of them before I got mine.
  3. I have the khaki as well and I think it's a gorgeous color
  4. Me too~ I have the khaki and I love it! Amazing colour, but if you originally wanted the black one. Be patience and wait until the next shipment to come.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. i don't have the khaki, but i have the black.
    this baby is worth a wait darling...

    if u're not really into the bronze, don't get it if it's just a substitute.