I Need Advice Asap!! Please

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    Ugh. i don't know what to do. i bought an LV Ambre bag on Ebay....and I WOULD NEVER DO THIS...but I paid $900 for it via BANK WIRE TRANSER....BECAUSE SHE SAID SHE WAS PART OF THE PURSE FORUM AND THAT SHE WAS FRIENDS WITH VLAD AND BLAH, BLAH.

    I checked her out on purseforum and she has over 1,000 threads and seemed very active, so I trusted her and wired her the money. That was last week.

    Every day I call her and she tells me that it's "in the mail" (via fedex). I keep asking her for a tracking number and she keeps telling me "i'll email you tonight"

    So, I checked with FEDEX and there is NO record of her package. NONE.

    I FEEL SOOOOOOOO STUPID. gosh. How could I be so stupid to think that just cause someone is a part of the purseforum that they won't screw me.

  2. are you allowed to show us the auction link or her username?
  3. should i? i have such mixed feelings about this....
  4. Wow- that makes me sad! Maybe this person has just been really busy!?! Have you tried to contact her through the forum?
  5. I think you should let Vlad know about this.
  6. Wow. Are you sure she is a member of the purse forum, or did she just use/refer to someone's name? I wish I could give you some helpful advice. Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. syntagma, I have sent her 14 emails via the pf private message. And even more through ebay and then even some more through my yahoo email.

    i called her 3x's today.

    everyday I have called her and she has told me "i'll email you the tracking tonight"...she told me she took it to FEDEX on Monday...I called FEDEX 5 times today...each agent told me there is not record of a shipment to me from new york.

    god. i am sick. more than losing the money, i feel so betrayed and naive.

    i trusted her because she said she was a huge PF member and friends with Vlad and blah blah.

    i'm so dumb!
  8. What is her username?
  9. I think you might need to alert Vlad about the persons misuse of the PF and proceed via the regular E-bay dispute process.
  10. ohhh no... sorry to hear this...
  11. how long does this happened? i agree, you should let vlad know..and see if theres any way you can find that PFer.

    best wishes for you.
  12. today I left her a voice mail and an email both saying "please, if you just got busy and didn't send the bag out yet, please let me know...that is OK!" i told her "I would rather know that, then think you are screwing me over"
    I told her "i'm very uncomfortable with this".

    no response. I still kind of want to give her the benefit of the doubt...but it doesn't look good...I even emailed her and left her a message saying

    "please, if you are screwing me over, let me know...i have been sitting around waiting for this bag like an idiot"

  13. report her...to VLAD..it's not fair for any users to sabotage the fact that they are treasured by this forum!
  14. This really kind of pisses me off!!! This is a huge play ground for alot of us and I know Im not the only one that loves this place! I have some gals that I talk to on a regular basis and think of them as friends. I hate to see anyone abuse someone else and this forum!!! There has to be an answer for this...I just can not believe someone would do this!!! Im so sorry this is happening.:sad:
  15. YES, you are right...i should start the ebay process...but i won't have any protection, because I wired her the money.

    i wish she would just respond. i want to believe i am mistaken.
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