I need advice again! I am ready for City number two, but what blue color is best???

  1. Hi ladies! I am ready to aquire a blue twin for my bubblegum pinky city. I had thought the 05 sky blue was my favorite until I saw and lost the 04 turqouise listed on eBay.

    Can you guys share your favorite blues with me, and maybe how hard, easy, or expensive they will be to buy!

    Ps...the lowest the seller will go on the 05 sky blue listed, is right around $1600 with shipping. Still too high?

    Thanks, you guys are the best!!!
  2. I know you like bubblegum pink ;) so I think sky blue is in that same vein of a color family :yes: I think you'll like sky blue or turq 04 a lot! very lovely, pretty colors! ice blue is pretty also! I think 1600 is a lot for a sky blue city personally, but the value is worth it if you love it and don't plan on selling it. that's a high price if you plan on being able to resell it without losing any $.

    mmm... favorite blue... I really like 05 teal personally. I had the sky blue and found it to be too sweet for me. I'm not a pretty color kind of girl though- I'm attracted to warmer, dirtier colors. (khaki, olive, anis, rouille, orange, origan, grey, calcaire are my personal fave colors...)
  3. Well I just got the Blueberry City and its gorgeous...I LOVE Ink..how about an Ink if you can find one?
  4. Why not check out the new Blue India? I have no clue what color this bag actually is since I have seen pics from sky blue to teal. :confused1:
  5. Thanks! Blueberry? Is it an 06, and how is the leather if yes? I have heard certain colors from 06 can be less stiff and veiny like the Rouge vif. Maybe you could post a picture? I'll also check on naffs site but the swatches don't usually do a bag justice. I have heard that the 05 teal is gorgeous. I know Beverly loves hers so much she tends to ignore her other beauties!
  6. I have the Blueberry and it is such a beeeutiful color! I really like the Sky Blue also ... I had one on my watch page but someone from here used the BIN :smile:

    These are my votes for Blue's :smile: :smile: :smile:
  7. Hi Deana!

    You got that straight - I'm so in love with my Teal 05 leather that I exclusively carry her now :P It's really soft and smooshy and smells divine.

    Colour-wise though, for my fave blue - I'd say Sky Blue. I like subtle pastel colours. 2nd will probably be the Indigo, which I think will be really *vibrant*!
  8. I have check out naff's swatches and although it's not like seein a bag these wre my blue picks: 04 dark turquoise and turquoise, 05 indigo, teal, sky blue, and turquoise, 06 cornflower, and bleu roi (which I think is the blueberry) but only if I can find one that is soft, thick and without veins. Any first hand knowledge on any fo the above would be great!
  9. I have checked out naff's swatches and although it's not like seeing a bag first hand, these were my blue picks: 04 dark turquoise and turquoise, 05 indigo, teal, sky blue, and turquoise, 06 cornflower, and bleu roi (which I think is the blueberry) but only if I can find an 06 that is soft, thick and without veins. Any first hand knowledge on any of the above would be great!

  10. i prefer '05 turquoise, '05 teal and '04 turquoise to sky blue because i see that colour EVERYWHERE here. ice blue is also gorgeous if u can get ur hands on it. good luck!
  11. My all-time favorite is the '05 Turquoise. I had the '06 Blueberry City last week before deciding to exchange for a black. But I must say that the Blueberry is definitely gorgeous. It is deep blue in dimmer lighting, but in bright lighting it is a gorgeous bright blue color. Very pretty. :yes: As for the leather, it really varies. I had Joseph at BalNY pick out a really nice thick-leather Blueberry for me.
  12. You sound like someone who likes brights so maybe you should wait for the spring colors. I have a blueberry and an ink and love both.
  13. I like '04 Turquoise and Indigo (from '05 I believe)!
  14. The blue india looks so similar to sky blue in some pics ... maybe you should look into getting a brand new bag!!
  15. Thanks to all of you! You do see alot of the 05 sky blue around, and especially on eBay! If I had the luxury of buying more than one at a time, lol, this would be much easier! The seller of the nwt sky blue on eBay won't budge lower than $1550. I have found a sky blue for a lot less with just a tad of wear on the handles and corner's, and for about the same price I coud get a Magenta Box. The seller is very particular in the care of her bags, like me, and both come with tags, dustbag, and extra tassles, and the box comes with receipt! So now it's decision time! I am leaning toward the box for the very reason mentioned above, it seems I can eventaully find another sky blue for sale! Or buy a new blue! Decisions, decisions! Usually spending my husband's money isn't this difficult! Once again, you guys always steer me in the right direction! Thanks so much!

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