I need a Zip Clutch!

  1. I need a zip clutch! lol
    i can only find it in light grey and tapioca...where can i find other colors?

    i like both of ^ those colors...but im leaning toward light grey...what do u ladies think?

    i still want to look for other colors tho...

    TIA :heart:

    *(OH..it has to have a slit pocket on the back)
  2. i also really, really want a zip clutch. i love the blue it's in right now.. but i have not seen it for sale online. i held one in person and it's gorgeous.
  3. ^where did u see it?
  4. Marc Jacobs Collection store on Mercer St. in NYC.
  5. You both should call the Nordstrom at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. They had a nice selection of MJ ZC in different colors, including blue.
  6. I'm sure if you call around you can find an array of colors. Which one do you really want? I bet you we can find it for you.
  7. Haha, well the reason I didn't buy one at the MJ store is that I do not have the money. But yes, it shoudn't be difficult to get by calling around.
  8. think i saw a blue at the MJ store in LA when i was there last weekend.
  9. I've had many, many wallets and my zip clutch is the most functional and versatile. I alternate btw. midnite blue quilted and lobster quilted. I'd really beat someone up for canary lol.

    I saw a moss green one in Bloomie's last week for around $230

    def. call around first and then check eBay but I'm sure if you post here one of us will find it for you :smile:
  10. * SOFT CALF CLASSIC Zip Clutch (current colors) *
    Spring 07: Black, White, Natural, Light Grey, Lavendar, Navy, Brown, Green
    Resort 06: Black, Tapioca, Cocoa, Sand, Olive, Scarlet, Topaz

    Non-MJ stores only carry certain colors every season. If the color you are looking for is not available at your local store, check with any MJ boutique (has every color). Here are the numbers to all the MJ stores in the US.
    New York, NY: 212-343-1490
    Boston, MA: 617-425-0707
    San Francisco, CA: 415-362-6500
    Los Angeles, CA: 323-653-5100
    Las Vegas, NV: 702-369-2007
    Bal Harbour, FL: 305-864-2626
  11. harlem_cutie, which bloomies? 59th or soho or other? haha. i'm sure it's gone by now but man. zip clutch :heart:
  12. ^^
    * QUILTED Zip Clutch (current colors) *
    Spring 07: Black, Ivory, Natural, Brown, Green, Blue
    Resort 06: Black, Bisque, Oatmeal, Plum, Truffle
    - Resort 06's ZCs have smooth leather (97% goat + 3% calf). They are among the group of matching small leather goods for MIXED QUILTED LEATHER line's Emily, Saloni, Medium Drawstring Hobo, and Drawstring Hobo.

    (all info from MJ Look Book Resort 06 & Spring 07)
  13. wow thanks guys!
    i would really like to see: navy, green, and topaz.

    what color is scarlet? a redish?

    im about to check the ref. lib. but if you guys find a pic would you post it?

    thank you guys SO much:love:
  14. bag.lover...there aren't any good store around me..:sad:

    i live about 30 min from raleigh and i haven't really saw any store that carry a decent collection...
  15. I would love one too....anyone seen them on sale? and/or does anyone remember when they went on sale last year?? I really should have grabbed one then :sad: