I need a yellow bag!

  1. Does anyone know where I can find any color yellow balenciaga bag?

    anis,(marigold),mustard or just plain yellow. I hope they come out with another yellow soon. I thought they would have made yellow for this spring, since the green is very bright as well. Better luck next season.
  2. eBay would be your best bet...they pop up once in a while
  3. I think that your prayers may have been answered! Check this out --

    eBay: Authentic Balenciaga Flat Clutch in Anis (item 200079435361 end time Feb-21-07 01:35:04 PST)

    Maybe this is something you'd like? It's gorgy!!! :drool:
  4. Thanks. Its cute, but looking for something to carry. :smile:
  5. I hear ya. I looooove yellow purses. I just can't afford the high prices that yellow Bbags go for on eBay though.. so I'm just wishing and hoping that Balenciaga would come out with a new mustard yellow shade. No pastel, cuz it's hard to match. :smile:

    One of my favorite bags is my Prada yellow suede purse from 2002 and I just love how the color pops against most of my clothes, and yet the suede and mustard color are neutral enough to match almost anything.

    *sigh* I'm making myself want a yellow Bbag even more now!
  6. Yellow sounds really nice... I would love to get a yellow Balenciaga bag as well... Do you knowif yellow was only released during spring or was it also released earlier?
  7. ^^ there were only 4 yellow shades produced

    2003 - mustard
    2004 s/s - yellow
    2004 f/w - marigold
    2004 f/w - anis
  8. there's NO selling/buying/trading here!!!
  9. eBay would be your best bet, or wait and see if Balenciaga will release another yellow soon in the coming seasons.
  10. I love the marigold myself, like a ray of golden sunshine! I have to say I was really :confused1: dissapointed :confused1: Bal didn't decide to go with a yellow this spring, it's in the 2007 spring color scheme. Right now eBay or consignement stores are the only place you'll find one. Get ready though - they usually go for a hefty sum. I think the last one that was up on eBay was a first 2004 yellow w/silver hardware; went for over $1500.00 USD Was it ever gorgeous though!! Congrats to whomever picked that beauty up!