I need a Work....but which one?

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  1. So I have had this store credit for BalNY for several months and I just remembered I had it yesterday. So, I really want a Work (I think) but don't know which color. I have been out of the BBag loop lately on the forum (seems like I've missed a lot of action, huh) so I haven't kept up with colors, etc.

    I already have a black and camel and would like to add an interesting color that is NOT similar to either of these but isn't to loud for neutral old me. Any suggestions? Any colors to wait on, like violet?
  2. I'm sure VIOLET will be fantastic. I have ordered a City myself. But INK is also very beautiful, and dark but not black :yes:

    And the action you are referring to? I think it has been very much behind the scenes, - cause I have never noticed it.. And I have been in here everyday since I found this forum..
  3. A violet work would be a nice addition to your collection :smile:
  4. Violet is pretty. Since you have a camel and black it seems like you like neutrals. Have you thought of getting a Blue? There are several blues out there that are interesting and neutral enough to wear with lots of clothes.

    Also blues make me smile when I see them. Blue is a mood enhancer. Makes you smile and feel relaxed. HTH!
  5. Yes I second blue too -what about marine?
  6. It has to be something that BalNY still has in stock (or will be getting in stock) for her to be able to use the credit. I don't know about Marine, but I think Ink would be sold out.
  7. I'm having the same dilemma. I'm gonna start work in a conservative environment (private bank) and I want a bbag, but what color do you guys think is appropriate?
  8. Try Aqua, Marine...maybe they'll have an Ink or Anthra? I would call and see.:tup:
  9. ^ I agree with lordguinny, I think Aqua or Marine would be great for a pop of color!! Definately a Bal blue... they have the most gorgeous blues! :tup:
  10. a blue would be great :smile:
  11. How about a red, such as grenat or bordeaux? Those are dark reds...
  12. Oh yeah! Wait for a Work in Violet! I LOVE WORKS!
  13. violet or ink would be nice
  14. I agree with blu why not wait for a violet work? that would be nice.
  15. I dont think you can go wrong with blue or violet.

    What about eggplant?