I need a warm and nice coat. Any advise?

  1. Hi,

    I am on a quest for a nice coat. I live and work in NYC so there are plenty of places to get a coat, but I don't have tons of free time to check out all the possible stores. I've been wearing a knee lenght belted "puffy" coat from Jones NY. I bought and kept it because I really needed it, but it is not perfect. It is a little past the knee, which is just a bit too long (I am 5'3" and want it to hit at the knee) but the part that drives me crazy is that it is button down and the bottom buttons pop open when I sit and often when I walk. Then the bottom of the coat flares open. I walk EVERYWHERE. I need a better coat!! I do have a bubble that seems to affect everything I wear. If it is not a good shape for a bubble, I won't be able to wear it and will look much larger than I am... I am usually a size 6.

    So anyway I was looking at these...
    http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/product.jhtml?id=prod79203241&catId=cat270216 not sure of color but I think brown, maybe violet. With thinsulate. I love the sea salt but this coat will be on the subway, train, and walking in bad weather so will get too dirty

    http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/product.jhtml?id=prod89297241&catId=cat270216 in camel (but I do want it to hit at the knee so this might be too short)

    I am so totally open to suggestions. I am so sick of buying coats!!! I guess I need to spend more or something but I always seem to settle for the wrong coat and there is always some problem (not warm enough, not flattering for a lot of my clothes, not professional enough for work, too long, too short, and now - buttons open as I walk!!! :smile:
  2. One more thing - Since I am 5'3" should I order the regular size 6 or the petite size 8? I rarely wear petite as usually regular just fits me better put pants can run long.
  3. When I lived in cold weather, I had J. Crew and an Anne Klein coat. The J. Crew coat was nice, but the wool was a little scratchy. The Anne Klein was really soft, but it was not lined w/ thinsulate, but the other was. I'm only an inch taller than you and the J. Crew in a normal length was not too long. Check the length measurements. I always get a bigger coat b/c I don't like to feel like it is tight.
  4. Thanks Eliza,

    I went to jcrew and tried on the coat. With a sweater, I found the 8 to be a better fit and since I will usually wear it with a sweater I am going to order it in 8 regular. You were right, the length was perfect. The store had limited sizes and colors and also they did not have many with thinsulate, so I am going to order the chocolate with thinsulate online.

    It was a very classy coat, I am excited to get it!
  5. Agnes, did you get the lady day?
    If so, I ADORE mine. I have it in navy, and at 5'4" it is the perfect length. That thing has even kept me warm without the thinsulate, so with all the time you spend outside I'm sure you'll be nice and toasty with that added lining. Great choice!

    BTW, they are all on sale online if you haven't checked yet and I still see you're size/color available so act quickly!
  6. Thank you FearNot! I am so glad to hear that because I did get it, and I did order online (I also noticed they were not on sale in the store and in addition they did not have the chocolate) and I was able to get it with the lining in the chocolate. I did get the larger size (8) - I hope that was a good move but in addition to sweaters I also sometimes wear blazers and then I need some extra room under coats. It is really good to hear you love your coat! I have a good feeling about this coat... :smile:
  7. I would definitely get a petite. About a month ago I bought a beautiful shearling. I too live in NY and needed something warm but stylish for work & going out. I bought it at Steven Corn.