I need a vaca bag!


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Dec 4, 2007
New York City
So my parents are planning a family cruise to the Caribbeans, Bahamas or somewhere hot at the end of June with the whole family and I need (well - more of a want) a new bag to take with me. I'm not sure what kind of bag I want - perhaps a straw tote? I do know it can't be too big but big enough to be able to carry things around and I dont't want to send too much money on it since who knows what the bag will have to go through on the crusie!

So far I found this Gryson for Target Bag - its cheap and very summer-y!

A LesportSac - very easy to keept clean and it comes in many colors!

Other thoughts? Thanks guys!


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Sep 8, 2007

ami kio

May 28, 2006
Down South
IMO, you want something:
- lightweight (so you don't get tired when shopping)
- secure (no pickpockets)
- med-to-large (so you can put purchases inside and remain hands-free)

Of the options listed above, I'd vote a LeSportsac or one of Vinyl's suggestions.

I've personally been searching for the ultimate vacation bag, and my most recent purchases/stalks have been:
- Tano (crunch leather is extremely lightweight for a leather)
- custom made cloth messenger from etsy (bought 3 of these, love them for the practicality but since they're not leather they're on the casual side)
- Not Rational Frankie from ebay (although I like this bag, I warn you that the crossbody strap isn't good for anything except brief use)
- Hayden Harnett Havana hobo (a wishlist item)