I need a vaca bag!

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  1. So my parents are planning a family cruise to the Caribbeans, Bahamas or somewhere hot at the end of June with the whole family and I need (well - more of a want) a new bag to take with me. I'm not sure what kind of bag I want - perhaps a straw tote? I do know it can't be too big but big enough to be able to carry things around and I dont't want to send too much money on it since who knows what the bag will have to go through on the crusie!

    So far I found this Gryson for Target Bag - its cheap and very summer-y!

    A LesportSac - very easy to keept clean and it comes in many colors!
    Other thoughts? Thanks guys!
  2. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The first one is from here. The rest are from here.
  3. I like the gryson for target or the coach tote.
  4. I picked this one out for a weekend jaunt to the islands. It was perfect! and only $30 at Target.


    AND the upside is, because it's primarily canvas/straw material, it does not resemble a big plastic sticky mess when you are in humidity and heat. The PVC handle does not resemble PVC at all and is quite nice looking and feeling in real life.
  5. The gryson bag for target is very cute but I hate the way it feels!
  6. I like the Francesco Biasia Perfect Harmony:

  7. IMO, you want something:
    - lightweight (so you don't get tired when shopping)
    - secure (no pickpockets)
    - med-to-large (so you can put purchases inside and remain hands-free)

    Of the options listed above, I'd vote a LeSportsac or one of Vinyl's suggestions.

    I've personally been searching for the ultimate vacation bag, and my most recent purchases/stalks have been:
    - Tano (crunch leather is extremely lightweight for a leather)
    - custom made cloth messenger from etsy (bought 3 of these, love them for the practicality but since they're not leather they're on the casual side)
    - Not Rational Frankie from ebay (although I like this bag, I warn you that the crossbody strap isn't good for anything except brief use)
    - Hayden Harnett Havana hobo (a wishlist item)