I need a traveling bag


Feb 7, 2008
Ok i'm quite young (16), and all the Chanel's I own are pretty "young" looking I guess you'd say...mostly funky seasonal bags in small or medium size.

I need a bag that I'd be traveling with on an airplane for a few hours.(from California to Oklahoma)...but one I could also use casually if I decide to take a lot with me somewhere.

I'm thinking about a black caviar jumbo with silver hardware (i prefer silver, and my new evening star is gold hardware..so I'd rather get silver now). I know they're $2650 right now, but I probably won't be actually purchasing one for a few months considering all the damage I've been doing at Chanel recently...and I'm aware of the price increase that will no doubt happen. Does anyone have any idea how much the jumbo will be in say ..June? any guesses?

Anyways, so this bag will be the only one I take...it'll be my carry on (phone, ipod, necessities, things to keep me distracted for awhile)...but when i arrive at my destination (which is dear grandmoms house) it has to be the bag I use everyday like going out for dinner, running errands for her etc.

I'm really considering the jumbo but I'm 5'4" and my mom thinks it looks weird on me haha! I don't think it looks bad, a little big, yes, but I need at least one jumbo or bigger bag! It will also come in handy for school next year...

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Do you think jumbo looks bad on shorter people?
Nov 26, 2006
Maybe a GST? But I am 5'2" and I have the Jumbo but I don't think it looks to big on me. But then again I love big bags that overwhelm me...:P