I need a timeless-looking classic brown bag! HELP!

  1. So, I have every color of the rainbow in my handbag collection, and now realize I need a brown bag. I would love a bag in a beautiful warm brown color (dark brown is okay too) that is constructed in a timeless and classic shape and that works equally well with casual outfits as it does with dressier outfits. Does this bag exist?

    -must be logo free
    -made of leather
    -high quality
    -Non-trendy. Im looking for a timeless looking bag :yes:

    Any ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated!:heart:
  2. How about the distressed lambskin jumbo from chanel?
    I have this bag and it's perfect for casual AND formal. And really timeless..
    I put a picture of mine (jumbo) and the add from NM (which shows the medium)
    chanelfamily marked.JPG chanelNM.jpg
  3. I agree with Roxana.Chanel is a timeless classic!
    But take a look at this Gucci and Jimmy Choo.I especially like the Ramona style by Jimmy Choo but I'd pick a brighter color though!
    Good luck with your search!
    gucci.gif jc.gif
  4. How about a Marc Jacobs in Bordeaux??? I think the Blake in Bordeaux is gorgeous!!!
  5. I love Chanel too, but I don't think I could pull it off as a casual bag. What about the Coach legacy line? Too casual? What about a brown LV epi bag? (not sure if they make many in brown any more?)
  6. Gung, don't you have a MAM in mocha? That would be my choice - that color looks gorgeous.
  7. If you are looking for more of a RM price range, you might want to check out Bulga...I own the crescent satchel in an espresso brown (official name is Mustang). The color is very rich and the leather is divine! Don't think they make this style anymore, but they do have many other understated designs :smile:
  8. I'm gunna vote for the Marc Jacobs Venetia.

    Easily a classic AND classy bag. Timeless and elegant, without being trendy or too obvious of one time period.

    You really can't go wrong with one! :tup:
  9. wat about bottega veneta? their woven leather design is a classic that will never go out of style IMO
  10. My vote is for the Gerard Darel 24 Heures bag. Such a sweet and feminine shape, super soft leatehr, no logos, very lightweight!
  11. i've been using the celine bittersweet...i've gotten a ton of compliments on it and it looks great dressed up or down...
  12. Thanks guys! Im going to go research these bags! (Im not sure what the celine and darel look like)
  13. Nope! I have a MA in chocolate but I would prefer something else for my brown bag...jst not sure yet which brand:confused1:
  14. Honestly, this would be my first choice too,but I already have a Venetia in Red and one in Black, and although one in Brown would be great, I dont even know where to find one! Do you have any idea?
  15. I think that you should look into the Belen Echandia bags. They are gorgeous, stylish, and beautifully made in Italy-and they are not nearly as expensive as Chanel.

    Here are two of their bags-the leather is stunning!:angel: