.I need a timeless, classy, elegant black leather work totethat wont piss off my boss


May 19, 2007
Help me! Please!

I need the above described bag that can easily fit over shoulder and over a winter coat and is not over 600 bucks. I want it to look upscale, and would wear it in a corporate setting. At the same time, I dont want a bag that would be better than my bosses bag. So yeah, something that looks good, expensive but not too expensive, and is functional for work. Please help!

I have tons of MBMJ's but I dont feel like any of them will work for me in a work setting.


Feb 17, 2006
How about this Elaine Turner hunter?




Jan 15, 2007
Right now, Gryson has a great large tote on sale at Bergdorf or NM, I can't remember. Was 995, now is 6 something. Also, get a Tod's on sale. A Moccassino at the outlet or a D Ring tote. Totally classy and understated, but pure luxe


Jan 1, 2007
I would go for Furla too. I got a Yolande in suede and croc leather last wintter and I feel like a million dollar every time I carry it. It is roomy and elegant at the same time. I am petite so I can carry it in my shoulder.
Now I am thinking about getting one that is all croc.
I am attaching a pic that I took from an ebay auction for you to consider the model. In black is a lot nicer. Good luck!!!


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5007-435922-d.jpg I like all the recss above -- Gryson on sale, Furla. There's also the Cole-Haan Paige convertible tote (pictured) available at Cole-Haan and Zappos for $425. (It was on sale at NM for $315 but it's gone now. I alerted a TPF'er who was bemoaning that it was never on sale, and she did snap one up.)

You said your current MBMJ wouldn't work. He has some new totes at Zappos Couture. And then there's this pleated leather bag that Megs wrote about on the blog, but it's huge, and it's 695.
I like the Monsacs, too.

Perhaps you would like the Botkier sasha duffle. It is $695 and used to be more widely available at some of the online stores that offer Grechen 20 percent off discount codes (JC Madison, Active Endeavors) but they seem to be out. The first pic is from Blue Bee. You could also try Ebay. The second pic is from TPF'r Cyclagirl, who bought it to use for business, and says it fits her laptop.

Let us know what you think (I'm curious to know what people think of the Sasha duffle in a corporate setting and whether they think it's timeless or not--as I am considering one) and what you decide to buy.


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Jan 1, 2007
I have the sasha and it is too big IMO for a corporate setting (I think, I am in academia so this is just how I feel about it). It is great, however, to take it to work before going out on a weekend escapade!! In any case, it is a beautiful bag so I would not hesitate to get one. You can always figure out when and how to wear it after you have gotten it. :yes: