I need a therapy

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  1. My heart is beating like a big drum of hate for LV right now!!! :cursing: The more I read on this forum, the more I hate LV.

    Trust me, I love LV. I have collected 8 items from them since 3 years ago, and I was planning to get more. Ever since I started reading this forum - bad customer service, bad quality control, 3 price adjustment in a year... The status of LV in my heart is going down. I'm unable to justify the money I spend on their products anymore.

    On the other hand, their upcoming products are so tempting. Azur, Miroir, and Mink... except people are saying Miroir is made of PVC...

    Do anyone of you having the same dilemma as I do? Feel free to share your thoughts here.
  2. I am a newbie and must agree quality and service is not impressing me at the moment....
  3. I have mentioned this before....sometimes we tend to focus on the negative...as that's what we need to vent about and gets us stirred up the most.

    I am not happy with the price increase either and have seen problems lately....but with that said, I do think 'we' can blow things out of proportion.
  4. I still love LV! So far for me, I have not been disappointed (knock on wood!! )

  5. yup..feeling the same way..i'm disappointed in my repair job but I want 2 more bags...so tormented ! lOL
  6. Yes, it is very disappointing that the service people have been getting is not very good. I expect more when I am forking out hard earned $$$ for "luxury" items.
    Personally I haven't had a problem with the quality and I hope it stays that way.:s
  7. I'm starting to feel that way too unfortunately :sad:
  8. I really don't know how to handle it...There's always a negative and a positive side.
  9. It's all in how you look at it. You have negative disposition about LV so every problem is going to drag you down that much more. My mom and I went to LV this weekend and she bought a new checkbook cover. I got her old one. The check book cover is from 1991. Thats two years younger than I am. It is fine except for a torn panel which is being replaced and some glazing issues. Louis Vuittons last for-ever. They can take abuse. What other checkbook cover would still be around 15 years later? I'm trying to be positive here. Haha
  10. I'm a little upset about the price increases... but hey they're bound to happen and LV can't stay cheap!!! As for customer service, I've only had to encounter 1 rude SA. But I let little things like that go. I think that customer service will be just about the same in any luxury good boutique... :shrugs: I will stay behind LV all the way.

    Also IMO: I don't see the point in complaining about price increases... if you want LV THAT bad, you'll pay whatever amount. :sweatdrop:
  11. I am very upset about the shoddy quality of some bags. I think it is only a matter of time before LV is mass produced in a country where the labor is cheap and no employee benefits are offered. It may not happen next week, next month, or next year, but I feel it will happen. Please do not shoot me. This is just my professional opinion and observation of what other companies are doing at this time.
  12. i agree with twinkletink!

    i still LOVEEEEE lv though. everytime i step into the store, it's like heaven. hahah, call me superficial but it's a happy happy place!
  13. I'll still look and ogle at the bags but I have stopped buying after the second increase this year.
  14. The best therapy is to go to your next LV boutique, see some nice purses, drink some complimentary champagne and chat with your s.a. about the upcoming lines.
  15. I suppose this is going to help big time. :wlae:

    I just had a chat with my BF. He thinks the exchange rate plays a very big role in the recent inflation of all imported luxury goods, although LV didn't mention this as the main reason.

    US$ is falling against all currencies, he said...