i need a team of EXPERTS to help me identify this purse

  1. okay i need some help finding a purse. my aunt purchased me a chanel in london. i am positive it is authentic, i checked the labels and everything. but i cant seem to find it anywhere online. i searched alll of the chanel archives on this site and no one seems to have it. i wish i had a picture to show you but all i can do for now is describe it...
    >it is light gray,
    >it's got small black CC's all over it, and absolutely tiny CC's in a circle all over it as well
    >it also says 'chanel' diagonally all over it in black
    >it is a wide but short purse, with a large pocket in front and two black leather straps with silver buckles
    >the number on the tag is 0038488 and it was made in italy if that helps

    if anyone can show me a picture online of it saying the style name
  2. hello!

    and welcome to tPF.

    It would be alot easier to post a picture! Im sure these chanel experts will be able to further assist you!
  3. i wish i could but i dont have a digital camera to show!
  4. i wish i could but i'm afraid i dont have a digital camera to show, thats why i tried a description hoping someone would recognize it. oh well, maybe once i find the picture!