I need a swimsuit for my Honeymoon! HELP!

  1. I have no idea what to get to flatter my figure at ALL. I'm not fat, 5'6 135-140lb. My measurements are 36 27 41.5 so as you can tell my biggest problem is my wide hips/big butt. I want to look good on the beach as it's my first time actually ON a beach do you girls know of any good suits for a body like mine! I'm desperate, help!! Thanks!!
  2. One of my GF is similarly shaped - wide hips, small up top except in the bust area. She likes the 2 pieces with 'hot shorts' and the look very flattering on her.
  3. candy janney- i am shaped similarly to you and i swear by j crew two pieces. you can mix and match and they arent always the most trendy suits but they are always clean, classic and flattering.
  4. I'd suggest buying a suit that you can mix and match. I also have a wider bum, and I found that the boy short look looks best on me :smile:
  5. try jcrew and victoriassecret. im large on top so i need to buy separates as well and ive found their bathing suits to fit well
  6. I just got a J Crew catalog with bathing suit separates in it. Very cute! You can pick the color and style for your body type.
  7. My body is the exact opposite of yours; I'm more apple shaped (lucky me :sad:). However, I disagree with the earlier suggestion of "hot shorts"; in my experience, a bottom with less coverage (as counterintuitive as it may be) tends to be more flattering on wider hips.

    The only answer is to try, try, try. Bathing suits vary so widely. Try on as many as you possibly can, and try to avoid looking online. This is really a purchase that needs to happen in a bricks and mortar store, especially if you (like 99.9% of women) have any problem areas. Good luck! I hate bathing suit shopping.
  8. What about those cute 1 piece bathing suits that go down kind of low in the front with the cut out backs? I think that would lovely on a woman with big hips. I will try and find a picture and post it for you. Only thing is you might get weird tanlines.. lol
  9. OMG Girls thank you SO MUCH for the tips!! I'm going to start my search today!