I need a summer bag

  1. Hi guys, first this is my latest addition to my coach family. A brown ali. I already have a black ali and whisky mandy. I love the legacy 06 collection. Now i was wondering if I should get the white ali for summer or something else. I've never owned a white bag before. Do you think whisky and brown are okay to use during the summer? Please help, thanks.
  2. I struggled with this same option too! In general white gets really dirty and can yellow. I did use my whiskey Ali in the summer last season, but not that often. I tend to go with lighter bags in the summer. I would love to have a white Ali or Mandy too, but not sure I want to invest so much into one that's going to look dirty so easily!
  3. I think either would be awesome!
  4. I have never had a white bag before but I bought a white Ali at the outlets a few months ago and I LOVE it!!! :love: It is gorgeous, goes with everything, gets lots of compliments and can be used any time of year. That is my .02 :p
    Here is mine:
  5. I agree as well! :tup:

  6. That is gorgeous and looks FAB on you!! You make me want one even more! ;)
  7. Wow Field.. you look so gorgeous with the white Ali :love: I love it!!!!:tup:
  8. Fields that bag look fantastic on you!!! Im not a big fan of white bags normally, but I'm beginning to see that all rules are made to be broken when it comes to Ali.
  9. Super cute fields... looks so fab! :tup:
  10. I am liking my khaki/white ergo.. I bought it to be my summer bag.
  11. Love the white Ali. I just purchased one myself at the outlet a couple weeks ago.
  12. thanks for the replies. How do people feel about the white shoulder bag (11127)?