I need a summer bag.....advice?

  1. Well girls (and a few guys), the weather is already starting to get warmer here and this morning I thought I need to start pulling out t-shirts and other fun summer clothes. Though I adore autumn, it is really fun to look forward to summer!

    But I realized I don't have a hot bag to get me through summer. So I need your suggestions. But we know I love boring neutrals so all those hot blues and greens that Bal is so good at making are just not me (at least I don't think yet). I know black is year-round, but I need something with a pop! Clothing-wise, in summer I wear mostly jeans, white, beige, greys, browns, and splashes of color here and there.

    Um, also I need a shape suggestion. Right now I have only a black City and camel Part Time. What do you think I need to have in my collection this summer???
  2. if you don't think vert gazon or bleu de france (my fave summery color!) is for you, then what about vermillion or rouge? Or a pastel like vert d'eau or a light color like the toffee?( the almondish color) that is coming out soon.... I think a box (for older colors obviously) or a twiggy will be cute for the summer!
  3. I second mintpearl's suggestion. A twiggy or box style in the rouge or french blue, would give you that nice pop of color that can add a lot of zip to your look. I too spend a great deal of time in my jeans due to the nature of my job, and and I couldn't do without my bright colored twiggys. I get lots of compliments on them.
  4. Aquamarine or French Blue!!! You can't go wrong with either!! However... I definately vote for Aqua... :love:
  5. I love love love my french blue twiggy and I am also drawn to the aquamarine. I think both colours are great for the summer!!!
  6. if you are more the neutral sort, then a "popping" colour that is not to bright might be it (you mentioned hot blues and greens are not for you). such as the blue india, dark rose, emerald or seafoam, yellow (mustard, marigold), cornflower, just to name a few. all are happy "outgoing" colours but they do not "scream". as for shape, i think the cute sorts are always more summer-like. cute, small-ish but still large enough to be functional, like the box (although have never seen one in real life, am getting one with dazzling colour from a secondary market), or the first (this one fit more than i thought, although still too small for some). large summer bags in my mind are always "cotton-y" or "straw-y", not leather (imagine your sticky skin on leather...trust me, not pleasant)
  7. How about a Day in Aquamarine? I think the Day is more casual than the Twiggy, so it is great for summer!
  8. I was going to suggest a Day also! In the Vert D'Eau or Aquamarine..very summery!
  9. I think the Bleu Glacier will be a nice color that is neutral enough to look good with anything. That or the argile if you are looking at colors from this season.

    I think I would recommend the twiggy for a new shape.
  10. I suggest an Aquamarine Day -- a vertical shape to contrast the horizontals you currently own, and a color that's very summery and enough POP! to draw attention.
  11. I'd recommend a blue glacier first... The first is a good size for summer IMO, and blue glacier is neither bright nor dull, but still, it's color.
  12. Summer??? Go for red rouge vif or rouge vermillion DAY BAG!!!
  13. i'm not a fan of sling bag anymore, but i think the day would make a great summer bag
  14. Another vote for Aquamarine here
  15. Indeed, aquamarine seems like a good choice because it is more muted than the french blue and vert gazon.