I Need A Suhali Fix>>please

  1. I'm dying to know if there are any new suhali colors coming out soon...I feel so cheated with the seinne.. Please anyone can you help a fellow addict out :hysteric:
  2. Orange and green would be such HOT colors!!!!!

    Another shade of blue like Cerulean would look cool too!!! :biggrin:
  3. I asked my SA about a new suhali colour and she said no info about it yet .. I hope there is a new one soo...not a fan of sienne at all:sad:
  4. I would die and go to HEAVEN!!!! I would love love love an orange and green :yahoo:
  5. I love suhali! So beautiful!

  6. If I had all those Le Fabs I would be in heaven. If I had A Le Fab, I'd be in heaven. :smile:
  7. Ditto!!! :drool:
  8. Orange would be tdf!!!