I need a suggestion on a new Prada bag

  1. I saw this Prada bag on Styledrops.com this morning and I fell in love.
    It's totally full of colors, but I think it's a very odd bag...
    I mean, violet, pink, red can not be worn in every occasion right?
    I always bought black purses..trying to combine the money spent with the practicalness..
    I have a Balenciaga black bag, a Miu Miu black bag, a Bottega Veneta black bag...
    But this time I would like to change buying a different kind of purse.
    Is it elegant as a black one? Or it's a kind of bag you would never buy?
    I really don't know...:crybaby:
  2. Don't feel too hot about this, but maybe it's just me!
  3. Pass.....

    I'd pick one color that I could use with the bulk of my wardrobe and get a solid colored bag in that color.

    I swear, I believe Miuccia was on some serious drugs during the winter. Some of the stuff coming out of Prada for this spring is downright scary. :wtf:
  4. I know the Fairy bag is trendy, but gosh, would we wear this bag next season? The bags we buy are so much money to just wear for one season, or esp as you get older (ahem--finger pointing at me) LOL.
  5. ^I know.I have really CHILLED from buying the trendier styles.I can handle the wave print in like a SMALL WALLET..but not a big bag.
  6. But I have a perfect pair of Sunglasses which will perfectly match...sigh
  7. Not much of a fan w/ the wave bags. I'd definitely get a black bag instead or at least a solid color if you have too much black in your collection.

    OMG - I saw the "fugliest" (borrowed the term from another thread) pumps in NM's "The Book." If anyone has it, take a look..you'll know the ones to which I am referring. They're def smoking something!
  8. this wave bag is very small in size and comes with a long shoulder strap. is this what you really want? They have bigger size as well as black and other color wave bags too.
  9. I was so excited about the colors....I think that at the end of your suggestions I will try to focus on some other wearable bags..
    It's a lot of money in the end...thank you for the opinions..
  10. the more i look at it, the more i don't like it! sorry!

  11. I would buy it! It's very nice and for me you can wear it always.
    With a total black, whit a total white or with its colours...:tup:
  12. Is it so bad purseinsanity? Thanks Albion..I feel better...It's that we have to change sometimes...and this mix of colours seem perfect.
    I will wait a little more...